14 October 2008


Monday night my fellowship group had a Pumpkin Carving party. By far the most fun thing I've done in a WHILE...



08 October 2008

a picture is worth a thousand words

I stole a few pictures from Mon's winkflash page and there is one that I've been meaning to put up for a few weeks now but kept forgetting. It is from the hospital when Tate was there after he had his stroke. I don't think I've seen anything sweeter than this.

a taste of peace

Sometimes in the hectic bustle of city life, I forget that there are actually people living normal quiet lives elsewhere. And what I even more tend to forget is that some are doing it in New York. Just because NYC somehow has 8 million people squeezed into a space probably big enough for 100,000 people doesn't mean that there isn't peace and quiet in the whole state.
This weekend I went to Mattituck, NY on Long Island with a friend to visit some of his family. It was so relaxing and encouraging to be reminded of still and quiet places. And in a lot of ways, it reminded me of the south. It was a small community with quaint country houses with yards and fences. It actually made me think a lot about Aliceville, AL and the extremely small town feeling that comes with it. It also made me miss one of my best friends Rose Lynn who introduced me to Aliceville and all of it's glory...

For the first time while I was in Mattituck, I got to experience New York beaches...which if you know me, you know made me very happy! The ones here weren't much different than the ones in Alabama, (which was a little bit of a shock) except I noticed that the sand, although still white, was a lot larger and coarser than the sand in Alabama. And, of course, the water was about 50 degrees colder!

What a nice way to be reminded that God created peace and quiet and a time to sit and relish in that!

02 October 2008

"See who-who is missing Aunt Perryn!!"

This was the subject line of an email I received from my sister today while I was at work. Those are the kinds of subject lines you hope for all day. And the content of the email was even better:
3 pictures of Elliot, Ethan and Abbey! This one was my fave though...partly due to the owl :)