04 June 2009

the way straight to my heart!

thanks, Carrie, for thinking of me!!! I wish you could have seen my face when I saw this picture and the heading "For Perralove" :)

cute owls get me every time...

why I've been so "busy":

Sooo, some of my blog readers out there know about this, and some probably don't. But, I'm slowly trying to make my way into the freelance realm of graphic design. I've picked up a few projects in the last week (ML's rehearsal dinner invites- which I'm going to pick up in a few minutes, by the way, ML!) and have actually got more on my plate than I EVER expected to have, especially to start off. Right now I'm just trying to get experience and projects to put in my virtual portfolio, and therefore am taking on every project there possibly is. I'm doing several invitations, helping out with some branding and graphics for a mission trip at church, and a few other things here and there, but am SO thankful for the opportunities that I've surprisingly had. It's also a nice way to break up the monotony at work. It gives me something fun and exciting to channel my energy towards when I'm often doing mindless computer work and the outcome is potentially something that will be a more creative long-term solution for me. Yay!

But, I've been waiting to blog about this until I was fully ready to share, so, if you need anything- invitations, stationery, announcements, cards, resume help, annnything- just give me a shout! :)

(If you notice, there is a web address for my new design endeavor... buuut it isn't fully functioning yet. I'm getting help from an expert web writer friend (or whatever they're called) this weekend, so hopefully soon it'll be fully up and running! but, until then, I've set up a Calico Studio blog to keep up with what I'm doing and to act in the place of a website for now. Check it out soon though!)
I've sure seemed to lose touch with the inner-blogger in me. I have somehow found myself staying up later and later (yes, I've reverted back to my old college ways) and drinking more and more coffee... and my to-do list continues to get longer and longer. But somehow "updating my blog" just keeps getting nixed from the list. I have a lot of fun stuff going on right now, but maybe because there aren't tons of pictures associated with the "fun stuff" haven't felt so inclined to bore everyone with a lot of wordy text (as I'm doing now...) Anyway, pictures to come soon, I'm sure, as there are lots of fun things on the agenda in the upcoming weeks and weekends! It's finnnally summer in NYC...the funnest time of year here!