29 June 2011

she came, she saw, she conquered

And...then she left, which was the saddest part. One of my roomies from college, Katie, came to visit in NYC this past weekend and we had a blast! We went to Mexican Radio, a delicious newfound Mexican spot in Nolita, on Friday night for dinner, then Alice's Tea Cup for Saturday brunch before our Cirque du Soleil extravaganza on Saturday afternoon. Then (in the only fitting way) to end such a wonderful weekend, I made sure we stopped in for a Shake Shack dinner on Sunday night. We had such a good time traipsing around the city and spent 95% of our time laughing. She promised she would come back again before 2 years, so I am going to hold her to that!

23 June 2011

hello summer.

It's officially summer here in New York which means only one thing:  I am the happiest girl in the world! It's my favorite season and there are so many fun things to do in NYC for the summer. And I try to take full advantage of those which results in a much busier schedule than I usually keep. Blogging may be more sporadic, but I promise I've got some good thoughts in the queue that are coming soon!

18 June 2011

i should start baking more

...just so I can use one of these!

Thanks Maggie for sharing this with me! Found here at Anthropologie.

the next payne stewart?

I think so! (I couldn't help sharing these!! They are just too darn cute.)

08 June 2011

room with a view

I wish I had one of those... I was expecting some breathtaking, marvelous view from my hotel room, but unfortunately, I can only seen another office building. In the meantime, I'll just look at this photo from the hotel website:

The good news is that it actually does look like this the minute I walk out of my hotel room. And, I'm not complaining about that!

07 June 2011

and, celebrate we did!

Last Friday night (June 3rd) I mentioned that a celebration was in order. And, boy, did we celebrate! We went to only the best Mexican restaurant I've visited in the city yet. That says a lot because I've tried a lot of them... After we accidentally intruded on a private rehearsal dinner party for Candace and Cameron (or so the chocolate said) that was nearing its conclusion, we went up to the counter of Tacombi and bought tickets for our tacos.

Then we chose between one of two food trucks where we picked the taco combination(s) we wanted and watched as it was prepared right in front of us.

I sadly only got two tacos... I wanted more. And another grape soda because it was the best I've had. But, I held strong and saved room for dessert. It was a good thing since we quickly migrated to the Billy's Bakery across the street after dinner.

To add to the delicious food and anniversary event, we chatted about our most memorable (for better, or for worse...) times in the city over the past 1, 3 and 4 years (Kat, me, LA & Pamela, respectively). If only we could do this every Friday night...

on a jet plane

Yep, that's right... technology is very cool these days. (I'm also probably a little behind since this isn't really a new thing.) I'm currently, "in" Wyoming, flying overhead at thousands and thousands of feet above land. It's 10 pm (NYC time) as I type this from seat 24F, and I'm looking out my window to a perfectly sunny, clear atmosphere that looks like it could be 3:00 in the afternoon. I'm confused...but excited for my journey out west!

03 June 2011

june 3rd

Today is June 3rd and that's a special day in my mind. I have a brief recap of the providential meeting [here] that I wrote about last year. 4 years ago TODAY I met Katherine and Pamela in Central Park. Then I went to my first Redeemer church service that night. Then... well, the rest is history.

This picture is circa 2007 when we were just 5 interns making our way in the big city. Now fast forward 4 years. We are (almost) all back in the city. Amy J hasn't returned yet, but we're all still holding out and hoping. So, "How are we going to celebrate this monumental anniversary?", you may ask. At an indoor taco truck in Nolita! How else?