31 July 2012


I'm an emotional mess - trying not to sob in front of my 3 roommates - watching the Women's Gymnastics team win the Gold and the Men's Swimming relay win the Gold - putting Michael Phelps as the most decorated Olympian in history - and I can't quite get myself together. I am so proud of our Team USA! What practice, dedication, and heart this takes. Ahh, so, so very proud.

Practically beside myself, sitting here witnessing so much history...

[photos from here.]

29 July 2012

28 July 2012

i'm so excited.

The summer Olympics are finally here again! And the New York Times is offering daily morning delivery updates delivered straight to my inbox. Ahhh. And, currently I'm watching Michael Phelps swim in the 400M IM. It really doesn't get much better than this. I have a feeling I'm going to have plenty to keep me busy in the next couple of weeks. Go team USA!

20 July 2012

#roommates #birthdays

Birthdays are always fun to celebrate, but there's something extra special about celebrating a roommate's birthday. Last weekend my roommates and I got to celebrate together for Bethany's birthday. It was on a beautiful rooftop on the Upper East Side with a black & white theme. Everyone, except the guests of honor, wore black and white. And we got our first roommate picture! Still so excited and thankful to live with these girls. I hope someone has another birthday soon...

17 July 2012

take me back.

dreaming & wishing I was here again today.

philharmonic in the park

I'm up way past my bedtime for this post, but for very good reason. Every summer, the NYC Philharmonic does a free (yes, completely free) concert in Great Lawn of Central Park. And to make things even better, at the end of the concert they shoot off the most amazing fireworks. I'm here to tell you: it is one of the best things New York City has to offer. Believe me.

16 July 2012

homemade photo booth

I am really, really into photo booths these days. They are just so darn fun, I'm not sure how anyone couldn't be into them. I made a homemade "photo booth" for the kiddos at VBS last week, and - as I suspected - I'm pretty sure I had 10x more fun than they did. Some were excited, some appeased me and at least had their photo made, and some were just short of screaming bloodymurder. But as you can see, we adults had a great time! Thanks for all the help (ahem, Maggie, Maggie and Bethany) for making this day run semi-smoothly.

11 July 2012


During my weekend trip to Vermont a couple weekends ago, B made a quick stop at his college alma mater, Middlebury, to show me around. I'm excited to get my pictures together to show the true beauty of the campus, but for now: check out this waterfall. Right beside campus. I'm an Auburn girl thru-and-thru (and made only a few number of comparisons between the two while I was at Middlebury), but that waterfall is beautiful. And this picture doesn't do it justice. Not at all.

10 July 2012

gotta see this.

by day.

by night.

LA, thanks for alerting me to this beautiful obstruction. When can we go?!

hello, ibou

"Hello!" "I love you." 

peace...er, popsicle sticks

Well, no peace around here this week! Just lots and lots (and lots...) of popsicle sticks. It's VBS week at Redeemer and I eagerly agreed to organize the crafts for all 150 kids. Gasp, I didn't know it was quite 150 when I signed on the dotted line. Although, today was the first day and it proved to be tons of fun. I'm really excited about Wednesday's craft...probably more excited than the kids will be, in fact. But these popsicle sticks might have something to do with it, if I make it to Wednesday.