29 August 2008

thanks Dad!

so for my parents 36th wedding anniversary, I convinced my dad to give my mom (and I) tickets to the US Open tennis tournament in New York City. It worked out perfectly, because the tournament just happened to be the week that my mom was helping me move up here!

So on Tuesday, we spent all of 12 hours at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center watching as many tennis matches as we could possibly fit in. And after pushing and elbowing my way past some old ladies (not even joking), I was even successful in getting some pictures of Roger Federer (mom's FAVE) warming up on the practice courts!

Mom and I watching the Open

Arthur Ashe Stadium

Ana Ivanovic, the number 1 seeded player in the tournament

some kid that I figured must be famous because everyone was asking him to sign their tennis balls...

Serena hitting her signed tennis balls into the stands after winning her match.

Rog warming up before his match.

I was about to fall off of the bleachers when I took this picture (if you can't tell...)

Mom with R.Fed

Mom and I before we left the Open!

Thanks again Dad for the tickets... :)

25 August 2008

a War Eagle moment

I should probably be sending this in to the War Eagle Moment website, but I decided just posting it on my blog would do for now. (Disclaimer: this post will probably only have significance to Auburn fans and graduates!)

Today my mom and I were walking out of the Container Store in NYC and I had on an Auburn t-shirt. I heard someone faintly say something from behind the check-out counter, but I just assumed they were talking to someone else. Then all of the sudden I heard my mom shout "WAR EAGLE!" and then say, "Perryn, you missed it! This guy just said 'war eagle' to you!!!" So I turned around and a Container Store employee was smiling really big as he saw my shirt. He told me his girlfriend went to Auburn and he was a band wagon fan. He clearly is more than a "band wagon fan" if he knows the significance of saying War Eagle...especially in New York City. I assured him it was a good band wagon to be on!

21 August 2008

the Kat

I found it only appropriate to listen to 96.9 The Kat as we were driving through North Carolina today...in honor of Kat.

goodbye sweet home alabama!

This morning my mom and I departed from our quiet country home in Alabama to begin our long trek up the East coast. I am moving back to New York, but this time it's for more than just a short 10-week stint. I'm there for the duration!

We are driving up to New York and stopping in New Jersey at Buck and Christine's house, and then move-in day is Saturday! I can't believe how old I suddenly feel. I'm excited to embark on this new journey of life and see where it takes me! woo hoo!

Right now as I'm typing this, my mom and I are laying on two beds side-by-side in a hotel room in Jonesville, North Carolina, both with computers out surfing the web, Olympics on in the background, not really saying anything to each other at all, for at least the past 45 minutes...I'm gonna miss our trips together!

14 August 2008

the adult table

All my life I've had to sit at the kids table. I'm the youngest child of 4 and the 10th grandchild of 14 on my dad's side of the family and the youngest grandchild of 6 on my mom's side. And by the time I was more of an "adult" my brothers and sister had started having kids and I somehow always got placed at the kids table again.

All it took was me graduating from college before I was promoted to the "big people" table. While I was home in Alabama for the month of August, I was invited to go out to eat all by myself with the grown ups. My oldest brother and his wife and my other brother and his wife all drove to Birmingham one night and went to dinner at PF Changs. Not only did we all sit together at one table (with no kids anywhere to be seen) we talked about 401K retirement plans, health benefits and salaries. It's official now. I'm an adult - with adult table privileges.

13 August 2008


Last Saturday I graduated from Auburn! I automatically feel so old. It's weird - now I have to think about health insurance and company benefits instead of studying for finals and doing homework. I'm not complaining because I have never been happier the second I realized I won't set foot in a classroom or crack a book ever again (to study, at least)! But I am a little anxious thinking about the infamous "real world" I've been hearing about and threatened with for at least the past 12 years. Ready or not, here I come.

My fam (minus my sister and her family)

10 August 2008

what I've been doing since I've been in Alabama

eating ice cream sundaes. For three straight nights in a row, I had ice cream sundaes and waffle cones...that were delicious. Sure makes for fun times at the Pettus house.

05 August 2008

C & D are MARRIED!

Cay and David got married this weekend! The wedding was SO beautiful and such a great reunion!!! I can't believe that Cay is married and about to move all the way to Arizona WITH David...AH!

Rehearsal dinner at the Space & Rocket Center

the Ware sisters!

Cay's beautiful dress

the bride and groom