29 March 2012

the joys of moving

And by joys, I mean pains. Oh, the things we do for moving! I've done my fair share of moving in my days (a few times growing up, to college, every summer out of the dorm, into an apartment in college, and twice in NYC...and I know that doesn't even compare to most people!) and I am here to tell you: it is no fun. The moving part is such a hassle, not to mention packing up every single thing you own into a box. But the end result: SO worth it. And, would I do it again? Absolutely.

Sunday morning before pre-move #1 on Monday morning.

I think this is progress...

Monday morning. (it grew.)

Thanks for this idea, Pamcakes!

Someone asked me on Sunday how the packing was going and if I had hired 'Man with a Van' to do my moving. Yes and no. There was a man (ahem, thanks againnn Brendan!!!). And there was a van...

I like to take "progress" pictures like this so that I can see how much I've done and remind myself how much more I have to do. (And, new roommates were so, so generous to let me store half of my unsightly stuff in the living room for the week.) Unfortunately, these pictures aren't very pretty, but hopefully the good ones will be on their way soon enough... 

28 March 2012


This is happening tonight! And, I'm going! I'm pretty excited about hearing these two together, and especially on this topic: Race & the Christian. If you don't live in New York, but would like to check this out, you can watch it via the live stream, starting at 7pm eastern. This event was completely sold out only a few days after registration opened. I think there are a few New Yorkers who are pretty thrilled to see Piper and Keller live in tandem!

(And, I'm doubly excited because my mom is arriving today just in time to go to this event, too!)

24 March 2012

a new home in nyc!

My big, exciting news that I couldn't wait to share is: I'm moving! Not from NYC, though. Just relocating within my neighborhood. I'll still be on the Upper West Side (how could I ever leave this wonderful neighborhood?!), but just more uptown. I'm moving into a beautifully decorated and homey apartment (thanks to DIY expert, Hannah Flora. I'm moving into her room when she ties the knot!). I am so excited to have a new space to design and decorate...which has perhaps caused some slight insomnia over the last month or two...

Take a look at these photos of the common spaces [courtesy of my new roomie, Bethany].

Living Room

Living Room



I'm moving next week, so I'll be sure to update with pictures of my new space!

23 March 2012

22 March 2012

reliving the 'glory days'

If there ever were a perfect description of how I've felt this week, this is it! I've had a sudden flashback to the good 'ole days in Spidle Hall where I lost track of time, dates, prior commitments and everything else that may have been deemed mildly important. But since this picture was taken in 2006, there is proof that I'll make it through this week, too!

danger zone

I was in the danger zone last week when I saw this note left for me at my apartment by my roommate, Katherine.

I'll have you know, I made it out alive... only a mere 2 tiny cupcakes later.

20 March 2012

happy first day of spring, y'all!

I am currently sitting with my windows open gazing at the beautiful sunshine that is coming through while I work. Ah, nothing better. 70-degree-weather, please don't leave me! And thank you for showing up just in time for spring.

[These are the beautiful flowers on every corner in my neighborhood these days!]

19 March 2012

where have I been?


Well, I'm not really sure. I've been here, but I don't think my head has been completely screwed on straight. On the bright side, the weather outside here in New York has been absolutely fantastic! I've been spending as much time as possible outside enjoying the faux-spring. I don't know what is happening with March this year, but I can assure you I'm not complaining. (It's 71 degrees today!) I also have some pretty exciting news to share soon, which will also explain why I've been busier than usual. Stay tuned! And in the meantime, look at this super cute, adorable giraffe...

And thank you, Animal Print Shop, for this cute giraffe photo!

13 March 2012

it's spring here in nyc!

I've said it once but I'll say it again: I can't believe I survived another winter in New York! As I say that I am, at the same time, knocking on my desk - made of wood, of course - knowing full well that winter may indeed peek it's ugly head out again. In the meantime, I am loving the beautiful flowers on the streets and this glorious, sunny 73 degree weather! Even if it's fleeting...

look what I found:

Well. It's no secret that I don't like being in the spotlight or the center of attention. But one would think I could at least play it off a little better! At the end of the Blue Like Jazz screening, Donald Miller himself asked if the entire theater would shout "New York City loves Blue Like Jazz!"

Lucky me. Brendan, Bethany and I were front row and center. Literally. If you look closely enough - or not even very close at all - you can see the deep shade of red that is my face. I'm fidgety and playing with my hair...and shouting-ish. But not really. Brendan gave me a hard time, but he's no ham for the camera either! Luckily though, this video only made it onto Donald Miller's twitter page...and only has 704 views since Thursday. At least we didn't have to wear name tags...

a salt & battery

Brendan and I went to our favorite fish & chips place for dinner on Friday night: A Salt & Battery. I love the catchy name! If you find yourself in Greenwich Village looking for a good British place to eat, you should give this spot a try!

12 March 2012


day 12. 

blue like jazz

Last Thursday night I went to a screening of the movie Blue Like Jazz (the movie comes out in theaters on April 13)! It's based on the book by Donald Miller that came out in 2003 while I was in college. I remember lots of friends reading the book (and raving about it), and even one professor in college who offered his testimony on the last day of class and referenced this book and Don Miller. But, I never got around to reading the book. However, I jumped at the chance to see the movie after hearing all the rave about it since college. I certainly plan to read the book now, but was glad - for the purpose of seeing the movie - to go in with a fresh mind and no expectations. I loved the movie, and thought it was incredibly done. It offered a real and challenging perspective of what happens to many people who grow up in and around the church (ahem, and in the South) and how they often become jaded and cynical. After the screening, there was a Q&A with Donald Miller and the director of the movie, Steve Taylor, which was fascinating to hear the story of how this movie came to be. I highly recommend! Warning: you might cry, though...

03 March 2012

my neighborhood

day 3. (I'm testing the waters.)

book club: harry potter menu

As I mentioned earlier, we had the second meeting for my Gospel in Fiction book club this week. It was a lot of fun and the menu made it even better. As you can see above in the photo we had (clockwise from L to R): golden snitches, cauldron cakes, quidditch players pie, magic wands (in the background), butterbeer (I finally found a delicious recipe, which I will share in another post) and Deathly Hallows cookies. The best part is, we had even more than what is pictured here! We also had: chocolate covered worms, pumpkin ravioli, fish & chips, and Mrs. Weasley's rock cakes.

Can you even imagine a better menu?! Oh...yea, and the book discussion was great, too!

02 March 2012

yes or no?

I always, always fall for these kinds of things. Should I jump on the bandwagon or not? Even though I'm 2 (almost 3) days behind for March? Am I boring everyone to tears with my post-a-day blogs? Please, tell me! Please leave a comment, for crying out loud. What should I do?!

Thanks to my friend Liz for pointing me toward this nifty right-up-my-alley photo-a-day challenge every month (gasp! every month?!). Now, what to do.....

01 March 2012

mr. president was here!

Not only was he in New York City today, he was on my BLOCK! It was a spectacle, for sure...but pretty neat thinking about the president being right outside in my neighborhood!

crowd waiting to catch a glimpse

just a few of the police barricades to close the street

what I assume to be the president's motorcade!

the street entirely blocked off with the police force. (this is before the sanitation trucks full of sand arrived)

Read more info about the reason for his visit on My Upper West blog

cape town: top 10 photos

The one sad thing about it being March now is that it means my 29 Days of Cape Town posts are over. I really enjoyed documenting my trip and revisiting those 10 days in Africa that are sadly getting more distant as the time passes. For a final, wrap-up post (even though it's March 1!), I decided to post my top 10 favorite photos from the trip (er, 11 actually because I couldn't decide on only 10...). I will always have these to quickly look back to and remember all of the wonderful pieces of this trip. I hope you enjoy these particular ones, too, as much as I have.

hellllllo, march!

I have somehow survived another February (which, in my mind, = winter...) in New York. I documented it last year, too and firstly, I can't believe this post has been a year and secondly, that it's MARCH! 

I'm not complaining, just noting. Hey, I'm pretty much well on the way to summer now...