22 February 2013

an ode to new york

"Ode to New York" from the Huffington Post by Laura Steiner (This is a complete re-post of her article on HuffPo.)

I read this piece earlier in the week and immediately had tears filling my eyes. It's something I've never really been able to put my finger on until now and have definitely never been able to articulate the feeling in words like this. If you've ever lived in this concrete jungle, you will understand. -pp

"To the city you're always yearning,

New York is tackiness on the gravel of the meatpacking district, it's cool kidz on Bedford, it's yuppie parents in Prospect Park, it's characters out of Woody Allen's imagination in the Upper West Side, it's Dominicans in Washington Heights, it's Hasidic Jews in Borough Park, it's Asian groceries and Polish bars, it's Italians -- the real ones and the Jersey Shore ones -- it's movie stars, fashion stars, homeless, junkies, it's tourists, it's commuters, it's generations of New Yorkers.

New York is neighborhood. It's having your deli, your coffee place, your laundromat and, if you're lucky, your late night eatery in one block. It's drinking coffee on your stoop.

New York is museums, it's street art, it's music, it's theater. It's being constantly nostalgic about past decades. E.B. White said it best in his book Here is New York when he wrote, "In New York you feel the vibrations of great times." New York is Patti Smith, Henry James, Allen Ginsberg, Lou Reed, Arthur Miller, Bob Dylan, Jackson Pollock, Frank O'Hara, Hector Lavoe, Washington Irving, Andy Warhol, Billie Holiday, Jack Kerouac, The Ramones and other greatest.

New York is having everything to chose from and never having enough time to do anything. It's being surrounded by people and feeling lonely. It's also finding out you don't need other people's company, you just need the city.

New York is where the eastern European deli owner will never say a word to you despite the fact that you buy coffee from him every morning. But it's where the eastern European deli owner will one day tell you "Hey, it's nice to see you again" after you've moved out of your neighborhood and haven't seen him in six months. After that, every coffee in the world will be tasteless to you.

New York is where you'll probably live at least once (if not more) in an apartment where you'll have occasional visits from mice. But New York is where you'll learn to overlook the rodent situation because it's never about the mice, it's about the fact that you managed to score an apartment in a first floor walk up with windows and exposed brick in a prime location.

New York is finding comfort in the small things, like knowing your neighbor never picks up his subscription to the Sunday New York Times.

One day, New York will be the place you're no longer in, but the place you won't seem to be able to shake off your head.

New York is the place you'll try to explain to everyone back home to no avail. You'll find there aren't enough words in your vocabulary. New York is not something you see, it's something you feel. It's a state of mind and hence hard to describe.

You'll go back home and reminisce about the city. People will tell you New York will always be there. But you know better. The city will withstand -- as it always has -- but the city you left behind, you left for good. The city won't miss you because you were merely a spec in its being and when you go back (and you will since the city is always calling) you'll go back to a different New York. The city never stops and already, only a few months later, you know it's changed: that's it's nature. New York is unapologetic and doesn't wait for anyone. It's a city that creates and a city that happens. New York doesn't need anything or anyone and perhaps that's exactly why you still crave it so much, because of it's idyllic unattainability."

19 February 2013

my trip to the museum

Aren't these beautiful?! I can't believe I've missed out on 4 years of visits to the MoMa!

clockwise: [1] Van Gogh  |  [2] Monet  |  [3] Warhol  |   [4] Matisse

16 February 2013

long awaited

In almost five years in New York City, I've never even been to the MoMa! My sister-in-law vowed that she was going to pick a day to come into the city and that I "must" join her for a visit (although she's been multiple times and lives in New Jersey). Annnd, today is the day: I'm meeting her and a few of her friends there this afternoon. I just checked out the website to see what is on exhibit right now and I'm even more excited.

Especially to see this:

a breath of fresh air

Yesterday was a nice little respite from the cold, snowy days we've been seeing lately. Besides my heater running at 98 degrees without the capability to turn it off or down, I couldn't complain. It was so lovely being able to work with my window open and breathe in nice warm-ish air. While I've thoroughly enjoyed the snow over the last couple of weeks, spring can never arrive too early!

14 February 2013


and, this melts my heart...

Hearts (The Valentines Day Video) from Moist Creation on Vimeo.

the final say

And, ta-daaa, the finished products for my Valentine photo-shooting escapades:

(oh, and this one that I posted this morning.)

Finished product (1)!

City-scene finished product (2)!

my valentine photo outing

I don't know what it is about Valentine's Day, but I love the colors, the sentiment, the candy...the everything. And, I may have gotten a little out of hand this year with my Valentine's cards. (Although, I've been known to get out of hand before with Valentine's Day...like the time I made a life-size cutout of myself with a sign reading "Hug Me.")

But boy did I have fun with this project. I spent the whole snowed-in weekend planning this out. I had Brendan agree (before telling him what my plan was) to be my photographer; I went nuts on the glitter paper at Michael's for these cutouts; and then I spent the better part of an hour trying to decide exactly where I should take these pictures, while even trying out a few different backgrounds and landscapes. In 20 degree weather.

It was pretty much a blast and I couldn't wait to share these cards with my family and friends. Since it's 2013, I decided to settle for an e-version instead of snail mail and send the cards via email. I also decided to share some of my outtakes here...gulp.

First trial with background. No good.

Second background trial. Much better!
More difficult than it looks to hold all of these in place.
City-scene. This was my photographer's recommendation!
Last shot of the day.

sending love your way today!

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day today!

*photos courtesy of a gracious, creative, and very patient boyfriend

13 February 2013

and here's to you, mrs. robinson

In order to brighten up the dreary winter days in New York City, I like to do things like paint my fingernails various shades of neon. Actually, I like to do that anytime of year but especially in the winter.

So, what's the color of the week?

This week it's Color Club "Mrs. Robinson", and it's even better and brighter in person.

Plus, I sing the song Mrs. Robinson by Simon & Garfunkel a little bit every time I look down at my hands. Which is also a natural day-brightener.

11 February 2013

a few more (& the last of) snow pics

I've probably overdone it with Nemo nor'easter pictures from the weekend, but I really loved taking them and that made it hard not to share them here on the ole blogaroo.

It's no secret that I'm no big fan of winter, but I do love a beautiful snowstorm occasionally, especially after the holidays when there isn't much else to look forward to except plunging temperatures. The white stuff makes the bleak winter months a little more bearable and exciting.

shin-deep in snow.
somewhere...under there...there's a car parked.

yes, this woman is skiing. or, trying to ski.
hi, frosty!
sheep meadow.

10 February 2013


I mentioned this already, but I went traipsing through the park in the knee deep snow yesterday, and it was terrific. B and I went off the beaten path and tried to make our own tracks in the snow (since all of the high-profile fields in Central Park were already packed with people). We were only mildly successful on new tracks, but, oh my, it was nice to get outside in the fresh, crisp snowy air.

09 February 2013

hi, from central park!

I couldn't wait to get outside and explore the snow today, so me and my trusty counterpart spent the day traipsing through the beautiful citified winter wonderland & Central Park. How glorious!

ooh la la

So pretty and magical.

Verdi Square, 73rd Street and Columbus Avenue, last night before the snow came.

08 February 2013

hunkering down.

That's right, that's what we're doing here in the city: hunkering down. The snow has started to fall and the flakes are the size of potato chips. No lie, they're huge. And beautiful and sparkly.

I have to say, every once in a while, I love a good snowstorm. I can't imagine how the white, fluffy flakes can be all that dangerous (spoken like a true southern girl), but if they say it can happen, then I'll take precautions. My plan is to do a whole lotta nothing this weekend. Stay inside, be cozy and snap pictures of snow outside my window. If the number of hot chocolates that I've already had this afternoon (um, 2) is any indication of what my weekend will be like, I think I'll be fine.

Stay safe and warm if you're anywhere in the path of this crazy Nemo nor'easter!

04 February 2013


Kate Spade posted an invitation on their blog for followers to submit photos showing how they "Live Colorfully." My friend Maggie snapped this photo in December as we made a walk down 5th Avenue to look at the Christmas window displays.

I couldn't think of a more fitting photo to interpret how I like to "live colorfully" (um, rainbow everything). If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you've seen that I submitted the photo this morning to the Kate Spade contest. It's for the chance that my photo could be used in an upcoming campaign of theirs. It may not fit their criteria, but here's hoping with fingers crossed...

03 February 2013

which fan are you?

I found these descriptions to be hilariously true and accurate. I think - if forced to choose - I fall somewhere between the foodie and the commercial watcher. Although, there are a couple of descriptions that fit the bill pretty darn well for someone near and dear to my heart...

[found here.]

puppies predict the super bowl

I hope the Ravens win, not because I care about the Ravens or the NFL but because I adore these precious puppies!

01 February 2013

happy birthday Pameleeanne!

Two of my dearest friends in New York City were born two days apart. We celebrated them last weekend over coffee, laughs, and grits. It was delightful: a Tipsy Parson brunch, 4 girls reminiscing about the wonderful, fateful summer that brought us together in the big city (+ the almost 5 years that have followed that summer), and our shared southern roots. It's such a joy to have all of us still in the city and able to celebrate each other every year on our birthdays. LeeAnne's birthday was yesterday and Pamela's is tomorrow. So I'm splitting the difference (er, I'm not actually late, LA!).

wishing them both a big, merry, cheery and fabulous HAPPY BIRTHDAY!