30 September 2009

new post, again!

Another post on 843 acres today: To Sacrifice or Not To Sacrifice?

That is the question. It's based on a statement made by Mrs. Obama in an interview for Prevention magazine, which doesn't hit the shelves until November. Some interesting points have already been raised in the "comments" section. Check it out to see the varying perspectives!

need book storage + side table?

I do!! I've recently realized that I have nowhere to store anymore books. The tiny, sad excuse of a bookshelf (although a wonderful piece of furniture!) that I'm using now is completely full, and there are still more books that need a home. Check out this DIY project that solves the answer to all the world's problems, basically (...unless you decide you want to read one of these books holding the table together).

Still, what a very, very cute and creative table!

red & yellow

Not for Chi O and cardinal & straw. Not for McDonalds to make you hungrier. Red and yellow: in celebration of 60 years of communist China.

That's the way the Empire State Building in New York City will be illuminated until Thursday. Is this a joke? I sure hope someone somewhere is laughing about all the gullible people out there, because this can't be real. Why in the world would we be celebrating China and their success of communism for more than half a century?

more beautiful images

I could look at Design*Sponge all day, especially when there are posts & images like this! This might just be the most beautiful wall I've ever seen. I will say, patience and painting don't usually go together in my head, but if I could ever muster up ENOUGH patience... every room in my house, er, apt would look like this!
(Paige, you better not let Abbey see this!)

ouch, head

I know this isn't funny, and I shouldn't laugh but just because Conan O'Brien is so hilarious, I can't help but find this a little humorous. I'm just glad he's ok! See if you agree.

29 September 2009

count me in!

$0.45 pizza and Pepsi?! How can you go wrong with this steal!

absolute beauty

thanks Design*Sponge for sharing such beautiful and inspiring images from Michael Penney! Ah, I could look at this all day. Ok, ok, I might HAVE looked at this all day...

26 September 2009

843 acres, new post!

I've recently joined the 843 acres team of writers whose goal is to make connections with how everday news and current events tie to the Bible. 843 acres is the newsblog affiliated with The Park Forum, a non-profit organization to increase Bible literacy in the cities.

My first post was published Friday! Check it out here: Practice What You Preach?

party for the bride & groom

The time is drawing nigh for Maggie and Neal! Only two weeks to go now. Last week, we had a big celebration dinner for the upcoming wedding (AND a joint birthday party for Maggie and Aaron!), and it was a blast. The pictures of the cake are my absolute favorite! Don't you agree?

The BIRTHDAY GIRL, LA, Lara and Michelle at our feast!

Kyo testing out the food.

Seriously, isn't this the cutest cake ever?! Thanks Neal!

1 candle for 24 years!

The soon-to-be Mr. & Mrs. Winterhof!

flat stanley visits new york

Mayce's class read the book Flat Stanley, and I was lucky enough to have him come visit me for a few days in the Big Apple! Look at all we did:

Went to Central Park
Took a stroll through Times Square
And he was kind enough to hold my place while I paused from reading Harry Potter at work.

25 September 2009


Last night I went to an event for a non-profit called 100cameras. Through several friends at Redeemer, I've become more familiar with this truly fascinating organization. The vision is to provide a "better tomorrow for children" (who have suffered some type of injustice- social, economic, racial, etc) through the use of photography and hope for a better education. 100cameras started with a trip to Africa and recently completed a project with inner-city kids in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This week, Susanna Kohly (the executive director) was featured on NBC Nightly News to tell about what she's doing. Check out the video below, I think you'll be as intrigued as I am by this incredible mission!

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcnewyork.com/video.

24 September 2009

such a sad image

So many childhood memories are encapsulated in this one theme park in Atlanta, Georgia. Now... all under water. Will the Scream Machine ever be able to recover?! I sure hope so.

Animal Farm, anyone?

I haven't read the book Animal Farm since I was a senior in high school, but this is a frightening depiction of what happens in that book. Whether you agree with Obama's politics or not, this is an all too real representation of what is beginning to happen everywhere in our country. People are starting to believe what sounds good, not because they are informed or knowledgeable on the subject (hey, I know I'm not!) or because it makes any sense, but just repeating what they've been told. What kid in elementary school knows enough about Obama's politics to say he has "great plans to make this country's economy #1 again"?! I have an 8-yr old niece, and while she is very brilliant and extremely smart, I'd put money down that she doesn't even know what the word economy means! And while our president still deserves the utmost respect from every member of this country, this seems a bit over the top.

To read the whole article about these school kids in NJ, click here.

22 September 2009

this post needs no words.

cake of my dreams

If anyone out there wants to get on my good side for any number of reasons, here is a sure bet to win my heart over instantly. My birthday is Nov. 24...

thanks, LA for this image, found here.

20 September 2009

US Open

I'm a tad delayed on this post, but a little over a week ago me, my mom, my brother and his wife were able to go the Men's Quarterfinals at the US Open in NYC. We saw the first half-ish until it was finally cancelled around midnight for rain. It was a sad occurrence after waiting for the rain to blow over for an hour and a half, but it was fun watching Rafa while we could!

happy birthday, to this cutie patootie!

Tate is turning 2 today!!! Happy Happy birthday!

18 September 2009

recognition that we are sinners...in the NY Times?

The killing "could have happened in any city, in any university," he said. "It says more about the dark side of the human soul than it does about the extent of security measures."

This is the last paragraph of an article in the NY Times today about the murder committed last week involving a technician and a researcher in a science lab at Yale University. In following this story over the last two weeks, it's been interesting to see the reactions that people have had: mostly shocked, horrified, and outraged at how anyone could do this. I'm going to say (at the risk of being deemed a pessimist), for me, this comment actually was such a relief to read, especially in the Times, of all places.

Whenever a tragedy like this strikes, people immediately start to point fingers and start to think of how horrible a person must be to be capable of commiting such a crime. Yes, it is a horrible tragedy and an event worth being mourned and most definitely recognized. However, what people seem to forget is that we're all equally capable of commiting such crimes and atrocities! Think back to David, where in Acts 13:22 he is considered "a man after God's own heart". However, if you look at 2 Samuel 11:14-17 you see the exact same man (David, a man after God's own heart) commit a heinous crime: killing a woman's husband so that he can have her for himself. This doesn't seem possible that the same man could be seen in such contrasting situations. Instead, what it does for me is show what grace God has showered me with in not allowing me to commit such terrible sins; nevertheless, I'm just as capable as David or the technician at Yale University of doing such ugly acts.

Something tells me the person quoted in the NY Times may not have had the same thought process when making this statement. However, I'm glad he said it. He couldn't be more right. As much as my heart goes out to the family of the victim and all of the people touched by this incident at Yale, (and as much as it makes me want to say "AH! How could anyone do that?!) it does help me remember that I'm no better than this murderer and his act is only a reflection of the "dark side of the human soul" found within us all.

17 September 2009

I've said it once

but I'll say it again, congrats Jenna! I'm so excited about the new Today Show correspondent, I can hardly stand it. As if I wasn't already a big enough fan of this morning show already, I'm even more gravely addicted now.

Watch this video. Be warned though, despite your political views on the Bush family, you might shed a tear as you see Barbara tear up as she's talking about her twin sister...

07 September 2009

if only...

this would come true. As today is the official "end of summer" (I've recently refused to acknowledge this fact. This isn't an acknowledgment per se (in the sense of welcoming something I've been looking forward to) but more of a concession of what I can't deny any longer.) I've seen this poster over and over and over but never felt such great significance and longing for it as I do on this day.

I need to find the Endless Summer.

04 September 2009

thank you, anthro!

to their "most loyal customers", Anthropologie offered a free pass for an advanced screening of the movie Bright Star. woo hoo for being one of the first 20 respondents and scoring 2 free passes! but, I can't decide if I'm more excited about the free movie or being one of Anthro's loyal customers.

even cuter.

but maybe not so hygienic.

so cute.

this girl's face is adorable. agreed?

thanks again, crewcuts!

03 September 2009

why can't I still be in college?!

I would totally sign up for this class: Harry Potter 101 Yes, I think I'm a little addicted... or as Maggie calls it, "converted". Nonetheless, how great would it be to have an assignment to read all the Harry Potter books?! That's an assignment I could get into! Maybe I should look into furthering my education at Ohio State sometime in the near future...?

01 September 2009

peace flags

who wouldn't want these?!

afterall, with this description: "they look great on a front entryway or front porch and are sure to promote peace to whomever sees them" it's virtually impossible to not send in an order for the biggest bulk she'll sell!
Congrats, Jenna! Too bad I can't watch the Today Show in the mornings anymore. I'll find a way to see this though...

red hook excursion

On Sunday LA and I spent the afternoon exploring a rarely glorified area of Brooklyn that should receive way more publicity than it does: Red Hook. Granted, it probably wasn't as booming before Ikea opened up there last summer, but this is one of the most beautiful places in NYC I've been to. We had lunch on a waterfront porch of Fairway Market, ate key lime pies-yes, covered in dark chocolate- at a terrific place that is apparently one of Al Roker's faves, nonetheless. Then we spent the afternoon scouring Ikea for good deals and the perfect furniture for a still-in-progress apartment. Success! And in addition to finding great deals, we were also able to squeeze our entire week's worth of workout(s) into a single Sunday afternoon just by carrying the furniture in cumbersome and odd-shaped Ikea bags back to Manhattan. But, somehow... we made it back!

the view from our lunch table

I love the small American flag in this little boat with Lady Liberty in the distance.

GGMa, you would LOVE this place!

Thanks LA for recognizing this great photo opp! Ikea should thank you too.

This is the rug I really wanted, but it doesn't look quite as fab in person. But isn't it great in pictures?!

perfect design for someone with the initials CK

(hint, hint, wink, wink)

This design is for you CayK!!!