21 November 2013

banksy: tribeca

Somehow I ended up seeing two Banksys in one day (which made for a very happy girl). The sad part was that the Tribeca Banksy had already been vandalized by the time I got there only a few days later.

I had high hopes that this one would remain intact and unscathed since it was a tribute to 9/11. The ironic thing is that the art itself wasn't damaged, but the sheet of glass installed to protect the art was shattered. I was thrilled, nonetheless, to see two of his works of art, and only wish I had caught him when he set up shop in Central Park to score one for my living room wall-o-random.

Maybe I'll catch you next time, Banksy. Until then, keep inspiring the artists.

11 November 2013

banksy: uws

I fought my way to the front for this head-on photo.

To find my first Banksy, I went on a brief excursion from the Upper East Side to the Upper West Side (which is practically no excursion at all). It was a crowded mess with people swarming the art, adding props to the scene, taking photos with their face somehow incorporated in the stencil, but I was glad to experience Banksy's NYC madness. Plus it's a pretty cool stencil, if you ask me.

07 November 2013

finding my banksy

When Banksy took New York by storm during the month of October, I jumped right on the bandwagon. I followed his instagram account so that I could know the minute his new art was revealed each day, and much to my excitement, I was able to track down a couple of his pieces in some of the neighborhoods I frequent.

While making my way to the first Banksy sighting, I made this video that literally tracked my steps; and if you look closely I'm pretty sure you'll see that there's an extra pep in my step as I make my way across Central Park and the New York City terrain. I sure am glad I got a small taste of Banksy during his New York City jaunt. You're welcome here anytime, Mr. Banksy.