31 May 2012

surprise visitors

At the end of last week I got a text from my mom that said "I might be in New York next week." Given that I get my lack of spontaneity from my mom, my mouth dropped open. After having her pour out all the details of needing to bring my brother and sister-in-law some furniture in New Jersey, she told me she was also bringing Mayce and McKay with her for a day in the Big Apple!

They arrived, took the city by storm, and now they're gone. I'm still pretty sad about that last part, but it was fun having them here for a quick trip and a fun time giving them a lightning fast 1-day overview tour of the must-see New York spots (American Girl, Build a Bear...of course)!

another wedding.

That's all. Just another wedding. This makes #3 for us in the last month...with a few more in the pipeline.

This one was an absolute blast (and a spectacular view, as you can see)! More on that to come later. 

29 May 2012

looks like fun.

Just dip the ends of plain wooden kitchen tools in paint!

[from Sarah Barksdale Design blog]

28 May 2012

my view:

on this Memorial Day weekend.

happy memorial day!

Happy Memorial Day, folks! I'm glad for this day that, in my mind, officially marks the start of my favorite season. And, more thankful for this day that is set aside to thank our troops and all the men and women who fight for our freedom. I hope you're relaxing and enjoying the summer weather somewhere fun today.

24 May 2012

iphone pics from the farmer & eads wedding

I told you more pictures were coming soon. The crazy thing? I have even MORE. These are just from my iphone, and they're not of the highest quality. The others are coming soon, too. Very very soon...

19 May 2012


Today I'm heading out to Brooklyn for my friend Megan's new leather bag line launch party: BBK, Bags in Brooklyn. Megan and I worked together at my first job in New York, and she is so talented. She's an adorable red-headed fashionista who lives in Brooklyn and hails from Vermont, and she makes these bags by night while she works as an interior designer by day. She has my vote; I absolutely can't wait to see her goods! Plus, look at her in this picture: she's a natural!

17 May 2012

where on earth does the time go?

8 years ago.

lots of anniversaries this week. first my NYC anniversary, now high school graduation. 

whew, i'm getting old.

16 May 2012

coming soon.

I'll be posting my thoughts and photos soon from the Farmer & Eads wedding this past weekend. I still can't believe it's already come and gone. And now I'm just waiting for Mrs. Eads (so weird!) to get back from her honeymoon so I can talk to her again.

Isn't she the cutest bride you've ever seen?

15 May 2012

4 years in the big apple.

Four years ago today, I hopped on a plane destined for an internship in New York City.

And four years later, here I am. 

[This picture was taken on the night I moved to New York. May 15, 2008. LeeAnne and Pamela took me to a benefit for HFNY, and I remember being so exhausted, physically and mentally, after my long day and flight but I ended up really enjoying the event. (It's now one of my favorite events in New York every year!) I also met a special friend - that you may have heard me talk about before! - at the benefit that night. Lots of memories and anniversaries to remember from this day!]


It seems I'm still a day late and a dollar short. I'm already on to (and, er, done with now) wedding #2 of the season, and I'm just now blogging about #1. I've been back in Alabama for the last 10 days to get ready for Rose Lynn's big day, and now I'm already headed back to the big apple this afternoon. Sigh, how times flies...

I've completely deserted this blog over the last two months, so I'm hoping to give snippets of where I've been. Sadly (and happily, at the same time) so much of the last couple of months has been spent on airplanes, which doesn't leave much time for blogging. All for happy reasons, though!

We went to our friends' wedding, Mark & Lucy, in Mountain Brook at the end of April. It was a beautiful wedding and fun to have worlds colliding a bit with Alabama and New York connections. The church Mark and Lucy were married in was so beautiful! I had an especially fun time with so many New York friends spending the weekend in my old stomping grounds!

06 May 2012

brucie bear

Look who I got to hang out with recently: Bruce Winterhof! (I told Maggie I fully plan on calling him Brucie Bear until he's at least 18.) He is the cutest and happiest baby ever, and I think we had a pretty good time together. (Still not sure if he was smiling at me or the awesome Veggie Tales playing in the background...) I plan on making regular dates with this little guy in the near future. 

04 May 2012

i'm aunt perryn

My friend Pamela so kindly composed this picture for me when we were in Alabama a few weekends ago for a wedding. I'm so excited to get to see this set of nieces and nephew when I'm home again next week. Aren't they the cutest!?

02 May 2012

another sneak peek

My new apartment foyer!

I know, I know. "grainy iphone photo." Sorry about that.

01 May 2012

mark & lucy

Last weekend (er, now, 2 weekends ago) I was in Alabama for some New York friends' wedding. (The bride is from Mountain Brook!) It was a blast and there was a huge New York crew there which made it even more fun. Unfortunately, I didn't take too many pictures but I'll post a few more soon. Until then, look at this beautiful picture I swiped from facebook of the bride and groom.

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Gunderson!


This girl's big day is quickly approaching! But she's not too busy (yet) for a quick face time call. And, boy, does that make me happy! I'm sure she's going to be really happy that I posted this picture too...welcome to the world of FaceTime, RL!