25 January 2010

what makes Sunday school worth it?

Its tough getting up early (earlier than I get up for work) on the Sunday mornings that I teach Sunday school, but its stories like this that make it worth it.

"Kid", 4 yrs old, at snack time (in an almost yelling voice): I dont trust either of you anymore! (pointing at me and my co-teacher)

Me: Im sorry kid”… why dont you trust us?

"Kid": You did NOT put enough fat crayons in this container for me!

Me: Kid Im sorry, but we have to share the crayons.

"Kid": Im getting VERY angry

20 January 2010

beautiful art "found in nature"

I had the pleasure of meeting photographer Barry Rosenthal at an interiors presentation for work today. His new series called "Found in Nature" was inspired by things you find on the beach in the winter. His photographs are absolutely beautiful. I (of course!) like them because of the bright and vivid colors, but I also am inspired by his inspiration for this collection. It's a good reminder to look beyond the surface. Sometimes the things that aren't the most obvious actually stand out as the most beautiful.

All art can be found at Barry Rosenthal Studio.

12 January 2010

snow angels

here's a little greeting from some cute snow angels in Kentucky!

still celebrating the New Year

The "official" New Year's celebration has come and gone, but that doesn't mean I'm done celebrating (er, adjusting to) the new year! New Year's Eve is by no means my favorite holiday but this year took the cake as one of the most fun I can remember. I spent the holiday with my two good friends, Kyo and Tim. I liked to refer to myself as their "guest of honor", which in most circles would probably be more commonly known as the "third wheel". It was just as delightful, though, no matter what term I used.

We went to a fantastic restaurant in the West Village called The Spotted Pig. (If you live in New York and haven't been, go! If you're visiting, it's a great spot to check out!) They had a very eclectic menu, but all the food was delicious. We even had deviled eggs, which I've never known to be particularly common on NYE, but I've also never known myself to turn down a deviled egg, so I ate them anyway. We rang in the new year at the dinner table, and then made our way back up to Kyo's apartment where Kyo and I explored the confetti-ridden streets of Times Square. You have to have the right eye for it, but I'd never seen anything more beautiful than the hordes of confetti drowning the streets after the countdown. Isn't it terrific?!

11 January 2010

resolution 2010

I generally don't make New Year's Resolutions because I see it as a glorified way to start doing something that I should have been doing all along. It's also easier to fail when I put so much emphasis on accomplishing one specific goal rather than just doing all the things I need to be doing anyway: eating healthy, staying in touch with old friends, and the list could go on forever. But just as adamantly as I've said I WON'T finalize one goal for a 2010 resolution, I've also finalized one that I'm determined to conquer this year: flossing. Next time I go to the dentist (which will be in April), they're no longer going to tell me I need to floss more often or ask if I've only been doing it for the three days prior to my appointment. (Seriously, who really flosses?) But I can tell, this is the year for domination of my resolution!

(My sister-in-law gave me this floss for my birthday in November and told me that it would make me love flossing. I haven't felt that way yet, but hopefully the "comfort plus" will prove true and my gums will thank me. We shall definitely see.)


and it felt so good! This weekend I was reminded of a very sweet friendship from my college days. Actually, two sweet friendships. Rachel was in the Big Apple for the week and happened to be staying only one block from my apt! She came over on Friday and we made Darby's chocolate pie and caught up on life from the past two years. Then we had a 2-hour speakerphone call with Rachel's "other half", Jenny. What a great time it was remembering all the fun we had as Chi O's and living in Hollifield together (and apparently all the pranks I used to play on these two, as Rachel reminded me...)! On Saturday I jumped at the chance to join Rachel and her mom for lunch at one of my favorite, fun NYC restaurants, Ellen's Stardust Diner. I haven't been able to successfully talk anyone from New York into going with me so this trip made my weekend! Come back soon, Rach (and bring Jenny and Rose Lynn with you)!!

03 January 2010

Top 10 of 2009

Just like Bono, I've been looking back and reflecting over the past year. After much thought, here are my Top 10 greatest discoveries or newfound loves- or in some cases, rekindled loves- that I came across in 2009. It was a tough year (and, honestly, it was rather difficult to even think of 10 things I liked about this year!), but nevertheless God's plan is perfect and now I have 2010 to look forward to with anticipation and excitement. Cheers!

1. My bike. I remembered how much I love to ride a bike. When the first signs of spring and summer peeked through, Lara and I hit the trails in Central Park and along the Hudson River. I'm here to say, you can't find anything better to do on a warm Saturday in Manhattan. Thanks to Mom I now have my very own bike for riding at my every whim of desire!

2. Harry Potter. I always considered myself to be a Harry Potter elitist- not because I'd read all the books and knew about them, but because I thought I was above reading nonsense involving wizards and witches. Thanks to Maggie (and a few other friends) who helped me see the light and the beauty of this series! After reading various articles and several of the books, I'd even argue that this book has very obvious Christian undertones, in similar ways to The Chronicles of Narnia. Thanks Maggie!

3. The Park Forum. Check it out! This nonprofit has been a godsend, literally. What a beautiful vision Bethany has for this organization and for the hearts of the people in urban areas. Being able to write for 843 Acres and go through the first Subway Series bible study has been such a blessing. If you're looking to give your money to something worthwhile (which hopefully you are: 1 Timothy 6: 6-19), you can donate online here!

4. Sharpie pens. I can't say much about these except I haven't found a pen I like this much in a lonnng time. I'm sure that's seemingly insignificant to most, but pens are of the utmost importance to an interior designer. Yes, it matters what the writing on your post-its looks like.

5. Anthropologie Stormy Sea Necklace. I usually don't wear jewelry that is this big and bold, but this has been a fun necklace to wear on special occasions (or a Monday at work). And I especially like it because CayK and I match now, which is exciting because it makes me think of her every time I wear it!

6. Panda Bear shower cap. For those who don't know this, I am a huge (huge!) shower cap proponent. For Christmas, my wonderful roommate from Auburn, Katie, found an even cuter version than what any Duane Reade in New York carries. I love it and wear it every night!

7. Target. Back in April, LA and I discovered a diamond in the rough: a Target in Brooklyn. It's not a super-Target, but that really doesn't matter. You can get there without having to have a car and without spending an entire day commuting which are both good enough for me. This is probably the most worthwhile discovery I've made since I moved to New York, seriously.

8. Izze Sparkling Juice. I'm not sure how I got so addicted to these drinks, but they are delicious. Midway through 2009, my favorite deli across from work stopped carrying Clearly Canadian (very, very tragic) and I had to find a viable alternative. Here's the winner, in blackberry flavor.

9. The Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis. I can't recommend this book enough. Bottom line. A friend of mine recommended it to me over a year ago and I finally got around to reading it last spring. It is something that we should all be aware of: how actively Satan is fighting for our souls every second. I'll be honest, I was literally frightened when I began reading it, but I would encourage everyone to read it anyway. You'll be prepared to fight against struggles in a totally different way.

10. Pashminas. I don't know how I ever lived without these! Thanks to Ashley and Caylen, I finally broke down and made the $5 investment and they are worth every penny- warm, colorful, versatile, the list could go on and on...I love these!

Here's to a happy & healthy 2010!

01 January 2010

remember this?

Most of the pictures taken of me and Abbey in the past 2 years have looked something like this:

Or perhaps you remember this post or my comments on this post? Well, feast your eyes on this because Abbey has turned over a new leaf! And all I can say is, she loves me!

She also graciously shared her new Christmas present with me (BLUE chapstick!) that she insisted on applying on me herself. But make no mistake, I'll take blue chapstick stuck in my teeth any day if it means Abbey loving on me!

My, we've come a long way...

adios 2009, hello 2010!

Steal of the decade: we got these two 2010 glasses- plus a pair of 2009 glasses- for $10! Then the generous man threw in the Happy New Year tiaras for free. 2009 went out with redeeming value!