29 July 2013

cheeky sandwiches

Brendan's been raving for a month now about this new lunch spot he found: Cheeky. When Brendan raves, I'm always game to try it because he knows good food, and I like good food.

And he rarely ever raves.

I'm here to say: Brendan's raving is always worth the hype—despite having to trek to a restaurant in the pits of Chinatown. This was one of the best chicken sandwiches I've had—ever. The chicken was perfectly cooked with the perfect flavor (which I often have trouble finding in NYC) and the biscuit was unbelievably tasty, buttered, and not the least bit overcooked (also, a feat to find in NYC). I was nervous about the "cole slaw" and the gravy on the sandwich. I like gravy, but only in its proper place and on a lunch sandwich isn't the place for me. But for the fellow naysayers: I stand corrected, this gravy added the perfect touch. I could have eaten two or three of these sandwiches...but, I was able to exert some self control (and have bread pudding for dessert instead.) To top it off, all of this heavenly goodness—or, the sandwich at least—for $6.50.

Take my word for it, you can't beat that.

24 July 2013

summer daze

I think I'm in the mood for a slurpee (again) today. Seeing this picture from last week reminded me.

23 July 2013

my day,

consisted mostly of this: 

staring at doors and people close to the royal baby, but not the royal baby.

until I went to lunch, rushed back to get to my desk, found a coworker using my computer while this was happening. I literally missed it by 4 minutes.

Thanks to Kyo for sending this screenshot. Almost as good as seeing it myself... 
Now back to regularly scheduled life. Much less interesting, much more productive.

a book to read

If you're looking for a good summer read, this should be on the top of your list: Rules of Civility.

It's a beautifully written novel about New York in the 1930s. The story follows two girls—who live as roommates—on their journey of making life work in this big city (but with much more drama and interest, of course, than just watching how they "make it work"). It's funny to see how all these years later, some things never change in the Big Apple. And never will,  I suppose.

(...Keep this on the quiet, and I'm not making any promises, but I heard the author speak last fall and he said there may be a movie deal in the works for this book! All fingers crossed.)

18 July 2013

taylor swift's photo

If you follow Taylor Swift on twitter (who doesn't, right?), you may have seen this picture in a tweet from her on Saturday night.

This is a photo from her concert at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

I —along with 55,000 other teenyboppers—was there!!! It was a wonderfully entertaining time, and I have more pictures to share. But thanks to TSwift for kindly letting me use her photo for now.

17 July 2013

hi, from my giant black hole

Does it look like I'm in a black hole in this picture? That's the look I was going for.

Er, by black hole—I'm referring to the giant time suck that has swallowed me in my entirety and kept me from doing anything on this blog in, well, months. But let's call a spade a spade: some of the space away from this page was much needed and much welcomed. Now that a lot of my day job is consumed by social media, facebook, blogs, blogs, writing, editing, reading, blogs, twitter, and more social media....I decided looking at one more blog when I got home from work might send me over the edge. But now I'm feeling better about the prospect of devoting some time to this again, 

so...welcome back & here goes...