29 December 2013

better late than never!

I only managed to get a few Christmas cards in the mail this year, and just barely pulled that off. But I'm choosing to believe that the old adage still rings true,

better late than never!

Merry Christmas, blog friends!

26 December 2013

a pettus christmas

After watching the Apple Christmas commercial and feeling nostalgic for family Christmases past, I was inspired to make a little holiday video of my own so I could remember the craze and joy of the day this year. I'd say this captures a little bit of both—but who says there's a difference?

Enjoy and Merry Christmas, a day late!

Christmas 2013 from Perryn Pettus on Vimeo.

19 December 2013

christmastime in the city

It really doesn't get much better than this. Christmas trees for sale on every corner? I can't think of anything more festive.

09 December 2013

visions of sugar plums

This weekend I took a special little friend of mine to see the Nutcracker. We sat front & center on the first row and could see every detail, every smile, every wave of the dancers.

At the end of the Sugar Plum Fairy's dance, the woman next to Grace leaned over to her.

She said, "The Sugar Plum Fairy just blew you a kiss!"

Grace leaned over and quietly said–without taking her eyes off Jenny, "Yea. That's my mommy."

05 December 2013

tis the season

Indeed it is. 

Happy Christmas from my home to yours! 

Can you tell I really got in the spirit last night?