28 September 2008

prima ballerina?

Yep, that's my niece.

I'm not exactly sure what all is going on in this picture, but it is so funny to me on so many different levels, I can't quit laughing. 

On the same token, this is also one of the pictures that made me suddenly burst into tears this morning as I was looking at it because I miss my family so much.

ak calhoun

If you want amazing art, THIS is amazing art. (and she just happens to be my roommate from Auburn!!!) check it out...

This is one of my personal faves...although, really, they're all my faves!

how well do you know me?

I created this crossword puzzle for some friends in order to test their "Perryn Knowledge" (sounds kinda conceited, but it's a long story...) Anyway, I thought it would be fun to see how well the people who read my blog REALLY know me...?

21 September 2008

celebrity sighting no. 3

Today, my roommate, Lara, LA and I were grabbing a late lunch at the Hummus Place (yes, that's the actual name of the restaurant) when this couple walked in and sat one or two tiny tables over from us. I noticed the man and thought he looked really familiar, but I just glanced over so I didn't even take the time to pay attention to who it was. Then Lara leaned over to LA and I and asked if we saw the guy who just walked in...and then kindly informed us that it was Kramer from Seinfeld!!!

Then I heard him talk and knew it was him. I was sitting about 8 feet from KRAMER! I was so excited and wanted to take a picture with him so bad, but he clearly didn't want to be recognized or annoyed, as he had on a hat and kept his head down the whole time looking at his digital camera. 

By FAR, the best celebrity sighting I've seen since I've been in New York!

a follow up from my last post

I found this picture on facebook of a friend's twin 5 year old girls. I might change my mind now regarding my Halloween 2008 costume because there is no way I could be as hilarious as this picture!

I especially liked the smocked outfits under Obama and McCain's faces. Priceless.

16 September 2008

tis the season

for the presidential election.

You may have already seen this on facebook, but if not, I propose these for Halloween 2008.

from L to R: Katherine, LA, Pam, me

As I was walking to church the other night, I passed a 'party store' that had these in the window. How much more of a party could you ask for than putting these four in a room together?!

14 September 2008

a taste of peanuts in the big apple

Last Thursday morning I was walking to the subway to go to work and one of the free daily newspapers, AM NY, caught my eye in a different way than usual - plastered on the front page, I saw a photograph of a green street sign that read 'Dothan City Limit'. I was taken a little off guard and thought "wow, Dothan, like in Alabama." Then I noticed the headline of the newspaper was "Shalom Y'all" and I knew it must be referring to the Peanut Capital of the World where the annual National Peanut Festival is held every year.

Apparently, a very wealthy family in Dothan is paying a large number of Jews in New York City to move down there to help build up the Jewish community. The price was something like $50,000, which I thought that was interesting because at first it doesn't seem like a whole heck of a lot of money. And then I realized that anyone who would be accustomed to living in NYC wouldn't think that was a lot of money, but to move to Alabama, a Jewish fam could be well on their way to buying a house with that chunk of change. 

Click this link to read the full article: Shalom Y'all

09 September 2008

06 September 2008

prayers for my nephew, Tate

My brother Brent's youngest child, Tate, is going to be 1 year old on September 20. Today my family found out that in the past few days, Tate has suffered from two strokes. Because of this he lost all control of his right arm and leg. My mom said that his arm just hung there and his hand remained in a fist most of the time. The doctors first thought that he had just dislocated his elbow and tried to put it back in place. However, even after this was done, my brother began to notice that if he tickled Tate's left foot he pulled it back, but when he tickled his right foot, he didn't move it at all.

After going to the pediatrician in Tuscaloosa, Brent and Mon were sent to Children's Hospital in Birmingham where the discovery about the strokes was made. After tests all day, they finally came to the conclusion that Tate had indeed suffered from strokes in the past few days, and if he wasn't put on blood-thinners, there was risk of him having a major stroke soon also. Even though this was major news, we are very thankful that it wasn't a tumor or some kind of neurological disease. The doctors determined the reason (they think) for these strokes is because he has a congenital narrowing in one of his arteries in his cranium. This isn't necessarily a good thing because it isn't something that can be fixed and will possibly be something he has to deal with all of his life. The last time I talked to my parents he was being given some type of blood-thinning medicine intravenously. My mom also told me that my brother and sister-in-law are going to have to learn on Monday how to give Tate a shot every day for possibly 6 months, which will serve as a blood-thinning medicine for him as well. 

This would most certainly be devastating news to find out from New York City about anyone in my family. But, it's just so shocking to hear about it with the very youngest, tiniest member. However, I am praying and trusting that God is using this to glorify himself and bring all of us closer to Him and to remind us that we aren't promised another day here. Please pray for Tate, Brent and Monica and for Tate's two big sisters, Mayce and McKay. I know our whole family needs it right now, as we are all in total shock, but they need it especially as a family.