31 October 2011

happy halloween!

The crazies were out in NYC today! I saw one man (and by man, I mean at least my age or older) in a full-out Buzz Lightyear costume at lunch today. Even if I don't get into Halloween, it sure is a fun holiday to observe!

30 October 2011

weekend 2 update

I decided that no matter how behind I am, I am determined the post pictures from the last several weekends. Not only does it allow me to look at the pictures again, it also makes me feel like the weekends weren't actually that long ago.

My little Rose petals came to visit the first weekend of October! We counted, and in the three and a half years I've lived here, Rose has been to visit four times! And I still think that's four times too little. We had such a fun and relaxing weekend...and we didn't even leave my neighborhood. We spent a lot of time in Central Park and walking, thanks to the gorgeous, perfect weather. I think RL's feet were happy to be back in Alabama, though.

Alice's Tea Cup for my favorite brunch spot.

Saturday night picnic in the park: perfect! Chirping Chicken entree + Levain dessert.

Sunday Central Park relaxation.

Sunday night dinner at Carmine's. I can't think of anything better!

[you can check out RL's recap of the weekend right here. Of course, she posted hers in a timely manner so you may have already seen it!]

Thanks again Rose for coming to visit!! I'm excitedly waiting for the next time!

29 October 2011

26 October 2011

out and about

This girl's dress was made out of 3form (it was a fashion show)! Pretty cool. Thanks, friends (3form, Gunlocke, and Wolf Gordon), for hosting this event (back in September)... and, of course, it was fun having the 3 Musketeers back together again.

pantone hotel

As if I don't love Pantone colors enough already, I just found out about this exquisite boutique hotel in Brussels designed around the famous Pantone color matching standard. I do believe that going here would make my life complete....forever!

[thanks to plenty of colour for this blog post about such a wonderful treasure of a hotel!]

25 October 2011

need this for fall!

I can't imagine a better thing to drink coffee from every morning, can you?

pretty pin ups

I guess this is when you know you're in the right profession: when something so simple and meaningless to most people provides so much beauty and inspiration to me.

23 October 2011

20 October 2011

favorite night of the inds year

It's tonight! And I can't wait! It's my favorite industry event of the year - Color Invasion - and I'm hoping to get some more fun pictures like this again. Fingers crossed!

speaking my language...in korean

This picture came from all the way across the world in a Korean library from my good friend Anna Curl. I got very excited to see this! I wonder if I could read it?!

19 October 2011

weekend 1 update

I am so behind on posting these pictures that I'm not yet sure if it's worth it. But then when I take a look again at how cute they are, how could I not post them? 

At the end of September, I made a quick trip home and it just happened the be the weekend of Monica and Tate's birthdays. Brent, Mayce and McKay organized a surprise party, and I was lucky enough to get to partake in the festivities! I wish you could have seen the look on their faces. Both were shocked, but Tate's response was priceless (no shock there!).

We did a full blown birthday party with pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and all!

I still can't believe where I ended up on Saturday night! I don't need to say it, the picture says it all. But it was a fun "girls night" with just Monica, Mayce and McKay! No matter where we ended up, I enjoyed the time. And I can always enjoy a good SEC football game, there were just no Roll Tides coming from me. So glad I got to make this quick trip!

[ps - there are a series of very delayed weekend update posts coming soon!]

anthro beauty

Besides the fact that I have the square flower pillow on the far left currently on my bed, I love this display! I love the sideways turned portraits to add visual interest and something unique. Of course, I love all of the colors in the bedding, the wallpaper and the vibrant portraits. I especially loved the layer effect they created in the "mantel" overhead. If you're around the Anthropologie on 5th Avenue and 16th Street, take a peek. I couldn't stop snapping photos!

[Caylen, this would look perfect in your bedroom with that little "K" up top.]

18 October 2011

color issue

My friend Maggie sent me this new blog saying it seemed "right up my alley". Indeed it does! It's called Color Issue and it's new, but it looks like something I'm quickly going to be in love with. (I'm also trying to win the giveaway from last week, so check it out!!)

I can't wait to see how this blogger is inspired by color, too.

15 October 2011

5th year

I've lived in New York for just short of 3 1/2 years. However, I moved here for the first time in the summer of 2007 and started then what has continued as a serious tradition. In October of 2007, I came back to NYC to visit Pamela and LA (who were stationed here permanently by that time, since they had already graduated college) and we did a spontaneous and impromptu Central Park photo shoot during our day in the park. The leaves were changing and the park was absolutely glorious. And every year since then, the three of us have marked a date on our calendars weeks ahead to make sure this fall tradition doesn't die out. 

What seems like an event that just started last year has reached a milestone. Today is the 5th Annual Fall Central Park Photo Shoot! I'm headed out now to carry on the tradition (with Katherine joining this year!) and will be back with some wonderful fall photos.





13 October 2011

glitter & oxfords

two of my favorite things, all together in one place. I saw these today and couldn't resist snapping a pic of their fabulous-ness! I'll take all three, thanks.

12 October 2011

marimekko 5th avenue

I recently discovered earlier in the week the new flagship Marimekko store on 5th Avenue. (In my defense, I think it is fairly new?) And, boy, was I ever thankful for this discovery! I have been familiar with the popular Marimekko patterns and colors for quite some time, but this store was even more beautiful and robust than I was expecting. The window display doesn't do justice to the rich, bold, vibrant colors & patterns that are just inside. Check it out if you're in the area!

[located at 23rd and 5th Ave]

06 October 2011

04 October 2011


If you're in the neighborhood and looking for something to do, you should stop by! Dewey's is on 5th Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets. Hope to see you there!

03 October 2011

it's fall y'all

With temperatures yesterday in the high 50's and just barely 60's today, I think it's safe to say that fall has arrived! Usually I don't greet this season with much joy (I'm too busy mourning the loss of summer) but this year I am quite thrilled. I'm excited about the crisp, cooler weather and all of the fun activities that come along with the season!

[beautiful plaid image found here.]

the big 6-0

Today is a special day because someone in my family is turning 60!! My dad passed that milestone over a year ago, and now it's my mom's turn! I hope she has a wonderful day filled with lots of hugs, happy birthday's and hi-fives from those around her. I wish I was there to celebrate too!

meet the team

I mentioned something a couple weeks ago about a fundraiser I was helping to host. What I failed to mention was the reason we are going to Cape Town, and the fact that we are getting ready to leave in a mere 6 weeks! My friend Bethany, and mission teammate, posted a great description of our upcoming trip on her blog (along with these pictures I swiped). Through Redeemer, we are going to serve alongside Point Community Church in Cape Town and love their community in many different ways. Our schedule and itinerary aren't completely solidified yet, but I'm anxious and excited to see where this trip will lead us. For now, it's been a wonderfully fun time getting to know these 17 people with whom I'm about to embark on such a terrific adventure!

02 October 2011

weekend, & other

Whew. I feel like I am finally *somewhat* starting to catch my breath again. The last two weeks have been a complete whirlwind...and, now it's October. I don't know where the time went, but it is certainly gone. I got a new job, I traveled home to Alabama, I started my new job, I celebrated surprise birthdays and regular birthdays and I've done a lot of other stuff in between, too. I'm glad that I'll hopefully be getting a breather soon, but somehow fall always seems to be the busiest season of all. And I'm learning to embrace that...

This was the beautiful sky in New York today. I can certainly get used to that.