28 April 2014

know your donut

I'd say I know my donut. (without a doubt.) What about you?

You can buy your very own donut post here.

27 April 2014

small town

I'm a little late getting this posted (after I expressed my immense excitement last week about its release), but watch and be amazed at the talent and beauty of my friend Monica Allison.

25 April 2014

the raw truth of social media

Now that I work in social media, I understand what an all-consuming art it can be. Especially for work, I'm constantly checking: how much engagement does this have? Likes? Comments? What's the most compelling comment I can come up with while still being positive and encouraging rather than sarcastic, biting, or—much worse—manipulative?

Through social media (ironically?), I found this very interesting graffiti piece in Vancouver entitled, "Nobody Likes Me" and then read an enlightening article about the artist's inspiration behind it. For me, excelling at my job was the initial motivation to become engrossed in every aspect of social media, but it's certainly so easy to let that motivation and obsession be clouded with thoughts of personal affirmation, identity, self-worth, and value. It's no doubt a slippery slope. The instant gratification when something's good is powerful, and the lack of gratification stings that much more when something is, well, the opposite of good.

Don't get me wrong. I love social media and am a huge proponent of the way it allows people to connect and communicate in ways they normally wouldn't. But, I was glad to see someone draw out a very real truth that is often missed and overlooked—or, maybe just taboo to speak of—in the vast world of online media. Thanks for the recalibration.

23 April 2014

you know what they say

Never trust a man wearing a bow tie.

But...how can you not trust this face?!

22 April 2014

I went to Europe.

Oh, that's right. I knew there was something I had been meaning to talk about. I went to Europe on a work trip and visited 4 cities in 3 countries in 2 weeks. Things have been in full force since returning to New York a few weeks ago and I haven't had a single minute to figure out how I wanted to share my trip. It was a jam-packed, exhausting blast with many great memories that I'll hold dear to my heart forever and new friends made around the globe.

However, I thought a quick summary was in order. And if I sum up the 15 days I spent abroad, this is what it looked like:

21 April 2014

can't wait till wednesday!

Want to know why?

Ok, I'll tell you. Last June, I was involved in a project with my friend Monica Allison who's an extremely talented singer & songwriter. She has this amazing album called You Can't Take It Back (which happens to also be her return policy, she says) and she made a music video for one of the songs on this album, Small Town.

In 40 seconds when you're done watching this sneak peek video, you'll know as much as I do about what the final product will look like—because the real deal won't be released until Wednesday.

I'm so excited to see it, I can barely stand it. Waiting with baited breath now...

20 April 2014

not just another easter sunday

We sang all my favorite Easter hymns at church today. We celebrated, we listened to stories of changed lives, and we ate and drank in remembrance of Him. It was a special day for this, and, I admit, I cried through most of it. What can I say—I am my mother's daughter.

The rest of the day was spent experiencing a small piece of what heaven may be like: in community, gathered around a table with families and friends. It was brunch in Brooklyn with some of the sweetest people I know in this city. And after a short rest in the afternoon, that led straight into a potluck dinner at a wonderful neighbor friend's house, also with some of the sweetest people I know. It was a good, full day and for no reason that I actually deserve.

Those are the kind that make you most thankful.