29 February 2008

26 February 2008

78 days.

I wonder if I could think of 78 reasons why I can't wait to be back in New York...

20 February 2008

So, now that it is getting closer and closer, I actually realized that my countdown was off by 8 days. The date that I had been counting down to was an estimate of when I thought would be getting back, and because of some changes in dates for my internship and stuff, I realized that instead of 92 days left, I really only have 84!!!


13 February 2008

But there's good news...

So, I didn't tell Pam about this, but I started having a major freak out attack a few weeks ago and decided that I didn't want to move back to New York - never. Didn't even want to come visit. Ever again. Who wants to live in New York?! or go visit there?? I was gonna move to the beach this summer and do my internship there. Or possibly even go back to Tuscaloosa. It's not such a bad place, right? But LA reassured me that this can be and is sometimes normal when thinking about moving there for good -- or she had those thoughts when thinking about moving there last summer...

Anyway, I am ready to be back and am anxiously looking forward to the end of May in hopes that I will be in NYC yet once again. Now, this seemingly pointless blog is all coming together because, I have to thank LeeAnne for doing something yesterday that contributed to my excitement and anxiousness to get back even more than it has been recently...so, sorry I am stealing this picture from you for my blog. Hope it isn't copyrighted...

Yes, this is a beautiful and amazing picture of Ghandi in Union Square in the snow. (don't laugh!) This picture alone emcompasses soooo many reasons that I want to move back to New York that I'm not even going to try to list or cover them all. Just to thank LA for sending it to me and for helping me discover the g-chat animated hearts last night. Which also leads me to say, Pam I can't wait to be roomies!!!


99 days. This is so bizarre. I am already down to the double digits. When I started this whole blog thing, I think it was like 190 days or something -- and it seems like I just started it. So, less than one hundred days will fly by, right? Now it's uncomfortably close. Only uncomfortable because I don't have an internship yet, and the thought of moving back home and living at Lakewood Hills Drive in Northport, Alabama for three months is really, really scary.

But I guess I don't have an internship in Tuscaloosa either?

This blog is being a very good tool in contributing to my amount of stress right now. I should be doing some magic with Auto CAD right now and designing a healthcare rehab facility floor plan, but NO, I'm once again stressing out about something else...

11 February 2008

02 February 2008

110 days!!! And, happy birthday today to Pamcakes!

And, since I missed two days ago -- happy birthday to LA too! hopefully, we will be able to celebrate my 23rd together :)