30 August 2010

going to the farm

Tate went to the farm this weekend, and boy am I glad his mom has taught him to be such a good picture-taker!

I got an email from my mom on Saturday afternoon that said this:
"Tate said: Gammaw, we going to the farm!!! So I told him that I would take some pics and send them to you so you could put them on your blog!! He will be looking for them..."

I don't think you'll find anything much cuter than this!

24 August 2010

kat's welcome back party!

She's back, and we spent Saturday night celebrating her return here at her new casa! It was fun to hang out and catch up with the old fellowship group. Who knew three years could fly by so fast?!

loveliest village on the plains

A good friend from high school (who graduated from the University of Alabama) texted me this picture last week with the single caption:

"Do you know where this is?"

Of course, I do: Auburn, Alabama. One of my favorite places on earth. You know what gave it away? The orange and blue sky. Every time.

20 August 2010

early morning wake-up call

(8:15 AM, I hear my phone vibrating against the ceramic-tile-top of my bedside table)


McKay: Hey Perryn!

me: Hey McKay...

McKay: What's wrong with your voice?

me: nothing.

McKay: It sounds sleepy.

me: well...yes, it is a little sleepy. I haven't really used my voice yet this morning...

McKay: Tate wants to talk to you!

me: Ok.

Tate: Hey Pewyn! Hey!

me: hey Tate.

(in the background, McKay: ask her what's wrong with her voice)

Tate: Pewyn, what's wrong with your voice?

Nothing gets past McKay.

13 August 2010

broadway in Bryant Park

Yesterday, I got to watch a small glimpse of five different broadway shows (for free!) in Bryant Park: Mamma Mia!, American Idiot, La Cage Aux Folles, West Side Story, and Mary Poppins. My friend Julie is moving to Chicago on Sunday, and we took advantage of such a fun & free event to hang out one last time before she moves away to the Windy City. I only wish I had known about this event before now!

like fries?

Go here, in the East Village: Pommes Frites.

All they serve is fries. Authentic Belgian fries. With over 25 sauces to dip them in. We tried Especial, Rosemary Garlic, Wasabi, and Sweet Mango Chutney sauces, and they were all delicious. Me, Maggie, Kyo and Tim went here to celebrate Kyo and Tim's engagement last Saturday morning (along with a sandwich at a Vietnamese sandwich shop and cold skin noodles at an authentic Chinese restaurant, all within the hour). I'm glad to have found such a place. I'm sure I'll be back, only next time with a much less exciting reason, perhaps...

10 August 2010

lots of reasons to celebrate this week!

On Sunday, August 8th, my grandparents celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary!! And you thought my parents had been married a long time... Happy (belated) Anniversary, GGs!

I graduated college two years ago on Monday, August 9th! My, how the time flies...It seems like just yesterday Leesa and I were moving all of our pink-and-green bedding into Lupton 220.

This Saturday, August 14th, my dad is celebrating his 60th birthday!!! (wow, that's kinda old.) This picture is from a couple years ago, when he was only a spring chicken. Since I'll be 17 hours away on the big day, I got to be a part of his surprise birthday party via video chat last night. It would have been more fun to be there, but I'll settle for second best!

my new morning routine:

To get my day started right. I like this inspiration.

09 August 2010

doesn't happen often

but, it's pretty neat: 8.9.10 for the date! I like it.

wearable wheel

I'm dying to wear this color wheel necklace. So bright and cheery. I'm sure it would liven up even the worst Monday post-weekend blues!

06 August 2010

one week!

That's right, folks. It's only one week from today until this girl moves back to the Big Apple. Ironically, Katherine and I met in Central Park in June 2007 when we were both interning here, and we have all maintained our friendship over the past several years, even with many miles in between. Now she's finally moving back to New York City, and we can't wait!!

03 August 2010

helllllo, tate

Yes, those are adorable pink sunglasses that he is wearing. And, yes, this is right before he said "kiss me on the lips, Pewyn" and puckered up, leaned in, and gave the phone a big smooch. Yes, I am so thankful for iPhone 4 face time!

another hiking excursion

Except, this time it was in upstate New York at Lake Minnewaska. We had incredible views and perfect weather to enjoy the nice Saturday hike. I was a little more uneasy on this hike because you could walk right up to the edge of the cliff, so I only tip-toed nearby as my extreme acrophobia immediately set in. Nevertheless, I survived and was able to enjoy almost 6 hours of grandeur and beauty!

view from the summit.

favorite hiking snack of the day...

the group at the top.
does it look like they're skydiving? They aren't, but thought it was a nice effect...

my future library

Arranged by color in ROY G BIV order, with every book displaying a beautiful vibrant cover. Ahhhh.

[found here.]

so excited to have seen this:

I finally saw Toy Story 3 this past weekend...and it was sooooo good!!!