24 April 2008

21 days. 3 weeks. Less than a month. I will be sitting on a plane at this very minute beside a total stranger listening to my iPod. or maybe reading.

I can't wait to be in NEW YORK in three weeks, but I can wait to be gone from Auburn in three weeks. It definitely set in last night - I hate change. And I don't like to think about leaving all my friends and my home for the past four years. I feel like my senior year in high school is happening all over again.

She is gonna die, absolutely die, if she ever reads this blog about her...which she might, because she is one of the only people in Auburn who even know about this blog or ever read it. But "what I'm gonna miss in Auburn" today is CAYLEN. She has enough big changes coming up in her life (WAY more than I do) because she is getting married in August AND moving to Phoenix in August. But, she's made interior design bearable, especially over the past two years since we've known each other a lot better. I'm hoping that even at opposite sides of the country, we'll still keep in close contact and text messages and emails will hold us over for, hopefully, an occasional visit...

(IF she ever reads this, she is going to KILL me for putting this picture up...haha)

22 April 2008

Ok, so only 22 days and 16 hours. That's pretty crazy.

Today is the 22nd of April, I have 22 days until I move to New York and it is one of my best friend's, Rose Lynn, birthday today! (her 22nd, in fact!)

So in this blog I'm gonna miss Rose Lynn. She will still be living in Auburn and going to HSOP (that's Harrison School of Pharmacy, for anyone who doesn't know) and preparing herself to make tons of money...and I'm gonna miss her. A lot.

Now only 23 1/2 days. I'm not sure why I'm blogging now instead of sleeping, but I've got a lot of energy left over from the day, I guess.

Here's another thing I'm gonna miss...my room in BH303. Even though I haven't lived here but one semester, it is so cozy and homey and I love it...and my bed is really comfortable.

And getting on the roof of BH303, even though we can't do that anymore anyway, or else we will be "arrested and evicted for trespassing"

And, of course, another thing that I'm gonna miss tremendously in Auburn besides just my room in BH303 is my roomMATE and one of my best friends ever...KATIE! It has been such a fun semester living with her again, and I can't wait until she comes to visit in May for Fleeeet Week!!! And hopefully more often than that if I stay in NYC in the fall...

21 April 2008

24 days 1 hour and 23 minutes. in-saaane.

And I'm starting to get really sad again. I just walked to the Goal Post to get a drink and for some reason the Goal Post brought about a lot of nostalgia...which is really weird, because today was only the third time I've ever set foot in there in the past 4 years.

Anyway...what I'm gonna miss today is :

My twin (apparently), Anna Curl and our weekly TCBY visits and all of our other random hangouts, chats, gchats, text messages and people calling us each other and telling us we look alike at every single function where people know both of us.

I guess you'll just have to come hang out in NYC every once in a while, and we can go to Tasti D-Lite...not quite as good as TCBY, but as close as you'll get in New York.

15 April 2008


It is soooo close now! And yesterday I found out that my housing is FINAL and today I got my official offer letter so my internship is FINAL! I really can't believe I started this blog at 200 days or something and now it is down to a mere one month.

And "what I'm gonna miss in Auburn" on this blog is:

ASHLEY RUTH YORK, doggone best Mom! I'm gonna miss all of our Zaxby's meals and drives around Auburn and leaving our classes in Spidle to escape the craziness of studio and go sit out by the dumpsters and talk! ahhh! And, of course, living together. But I already miss that!
Wow - I just realized THREE days later how super cheesy that last post was...sorry. I promise, no more mush from now on.

12 April 2008

tears are coming

So, now the count is down to 32 days. Can you believe it? That is barely over a month until I move to the Big Apple once again. Who knew time would go by so fast?? And it's starting to hit me like a ton of bricks...not the fact that I have less than one month until I take my last academic final for the rest of my entire life. That hasn't really set in yet. But the fact that I'm going to be leaving one of my favorite places in all the world in less than a month...that's starting to settle. (In fact, I'm getting that burning feeling in my eyes and nose right now as I type this.) To make all of this even worse, I've been extremely emotional in the last week, for me anyway, so not only have I been thinking about this, I've been CRYING about it too.

Today I was looking at something posted on the Auburn website about the graduation ceremony and I started to tear up. Then later in the day I was reading a poem about "moving on in your life" and I started to cry again. Then when I was making my dinner tonight, I realized that there are only two more Saturdays that I'll be in Auburn living here (excluding exam week...but nothing counts during exam week). Ever again.

Anyway, so I decided to take Pam's advice and start documenting on my blog, not only just the number of days that are left until my return to the city (since originally my blog was solely dedicated to the number of days left until I moved back), but the things that I'm going to miss so much when I don't live in Auburn anymore.

Here's a start :

Ok, so I actually killed several birds with one stone in this pic, because it's loaded with things I'm gonna miss. The first and most obvious...CHICK FIL A! I know that there is a Chick Fil A in the NYU food court on campus in NYC, but it still won't be the same. It won't be as convenient and I don't think the food court is open during the summer months, so it'll be a while before I get this again, once I move. However, I have a feeling during final project week, I'll get enough to have my fill for a while. The second thing in this picture that I'm gonna miss is the studio. Sounds crazy, and I'll probably regret saying that in a few weeks once I spend approximately 120 straight hours there. But that studio has also been the home to many great memories, the place where a lot of great friendships were made, and my second home for the past four years. And last but not least of the things I'm gonna miss in this picture, is Peek's square project. Yes, I hated this project when I did it. But if you can see it, look how amazing they are once they're finished. And each year, it's fun to see the paintings and the art that the current sophomores pick to do for their project. It'll be sad not seeing all of the finished products again next year...