31 March 2010

a warm welcome home

Despite the warm weather we're having back in Alabama, I also had this adorable face (along with my mom's adorable face!!), to pick me up from the airport on Monday.

25 March 2010

i forgot to mention,

last week, I also went to see Riverdance at Radio City Music Hall with RL and gang. AMAZING. Even better than I was expecting or hoping for.

22 March 2010

a happy home

I got this email from Anthropologie last week and I can't stop looking at the what the body of the email held:

I love it.

1. It looks like a miniature cardboard dollhouse. And I love looking at all the rooms at once.
2. All the stuff inside is from Anthropologie, so naturally it's great.
3. The skies outside of the windows are really blue and the grass is really green... and it looks like the kind of house that would stay that way forever.

21 March 2010

spring break in sophomore year of the real world

If you noticed my last post you will know the reason for the week-long hiatus from blogging. It was spring break at Auburn, so I took it as a personal spring break, too. Rose Lynn, Mary Pat, Mel and the two grandmothers spent 4 days in the Big Apple, while I tagged along. It was a fun week (which was proven by the amount of hours I slept this weekend...) and now I'm left with rainy, cold weather and no Rose Lynn...what to do?

[Me, Rose, and MP in my favorite place- Times Square]

14 March 2010

ecstatic, too

Just like she is about her visit to the Big Apple... in one day! Last year, Courtney and Rose Lynn visited me on their spring break (and reminded me that I don't get one anymore), and Rose Lynn is coming again for 4 days this week for her last spring break ever. I am so excited and can hardly contain my excitement until she steps off that plane!
See you in 2 days, little Rose! We'll miss you this year, Court!!!

wish i was here...

...instead of watching the winds and rains blow for the third day in a row in New York City.

13 March 2010


[I stole this pic from Maggie]

I had the great pleasure of eating one (er, two..) of these Homemade Samoa Bars by Maggie, and believe me they were delicious! I haven't yet tried making them myself, but I definitely think I will soon because I could have eaten a hundred of them today.

12 March 2010

rainy days

They don't do much for fun plans outdoors, but they do tend to have a way with productivity. I'm looking out the window and watching all the various umbrellas as they go by and feeling very productive. I just wish my window view looked more like this:

[Image via Flickr]

11 March 2010

belts galore


via JCrew store, 5th Ave between 16th and 17th Streets, on my outing with Megan today.

liberty of london in new york

I literally popped out of bed this morning to head down to Bryant Park with Margaret to check out this pop-up Target store - Liberty of London in New York. (It doesn't even go on sale at Target stores until this Sunday, March 14!) She mistakenly thought it opened at 11 AM instead of 9AM, so when she realized the error, she came knocking on my door and we both rushed to get ready and get there early enough to beat the crowd. It was worth it, though, the prints were absolutely beautiful and made my spring fever quadruple in intensity. sigh.

beautiful chairs

The lovely Nana sent me this link to beautiful chairs. She was asking me Sunday at church about the ease & possibility of being able to reupholster a chair ourselves. I think we can do it, especially if we have the hope of something like this as the outcome.

Check out more equally beautiful chairs here!

09 March 2010

this too shall pass

This is pretty great! I'm hoping "this too shall pass" in as fun a way as it's demonstrated here... we'll see about that.

daily candy treats

Check these out! I felt very inspired this morning when I opened my Daily Candy.

Not your traditional New York Subway map- this is much prettier! You can get one at Annie's Blue Ribbon General Store for only $4!

Looking for the perfect reusable grocery bag? I think this is the one! It's definitely cuter than the plain green Food Emporium ones I pass all the time. Find them at ModCloth for $7.
Social Stationery from Lady Pim, with all New York neighborhoods present. Pricey, but cute.

06 March 2010

up with people?

I'm sitting in Connecticut with my girls fellowship group playing the most hilarious game of Facebook trivia. Bethany asks, "Have you ever heard of Up with People?" If you haven't heard of them, you should watch this video. Hi-lar-i-ous.

Circa 1982.

05 March 2010


The Park Forum is doing an "Oscars Feature" this week. Five contributors took a movie that had been nominated and expounded on how the Bible could be seen in the movie.

Here's my take on the movie Precious: "Precious, to Jesus".

Check out the others here too!

03 March 2010

easter in alabama!

Yep, that's where I'll be in less than a month! The trip will be short, and I somehow managed to promise little Tator Tot that I'd take him to Chick Fil A while I was there...(maybe even for every meal)...but I can't wait!!