28 February 2011

bye bye february

I'm not sure how... but one way or another, I made it through another February in New York. You may  not be aware, but this is cause for celebration!

autotune the oscars

I thought I couldn't love Autotune the News, aka The Gregory Brothers, any more than I already did...then I saw this piece they did for the Oscars last night! And 3 out of the 4 clips are from movies I love, to make it even better. I could watch for hours...enjoy!

27 February 2011

social network

In light of the Oscars tonight, I watched ONE movie over the weekend that was nominated: The Social Network. It's the story of how Facebook was created and how founder, Mark Zuckerberg, got the idea for the social networking site while an undergrad at Harvard. He then went on to become the world's youngest billionaire. The movie also focused on the legal battles he faced along the way. It is a really captivating story (although, I'm sure since I'm ages behind on movies, everyone has already seen it anyway) and interesting to see how a dorm-room idea because an instantaneous phenomenon. If you haven't seen it, definitely check it out!

23 February 2011

stripes & polka dots

These days, I love the stripes and polka dots together. A little complicated, but the more the merrier in my opinion.

These make me also think of Rose Lynn because navy is her favorite color.

21 February 2011

Good reminder through times of sorrow.

back to it.

Reality. Which, today, in my case means cold weather, snow and winter. I thought I had escaped yet another northeastern winter until next year, but it was only a tease. I'm leaving sunshine and mid-70's for snow, rain and low 30's. Hmph.

my new favorite cd

If you're looking for some great new music, you should check out Monica Allison's newly released cd, 'You Can't Take it Back'. She says that's also the return policy... but I can assure you, you won't want to return it! Check her out on iTunes or amazon.

19 February 2011

bowery valentine's party

Last weekend I spent my Sunday afternoon decorating the lovely dining room of an Upper East Side women's home for the Bowery Mission Women's Center. My roommate Katherine volunteers weekly with the BMWC and takes the ladies on walks every Saturday afternoon. She was instrumental in making this grand party such an immense success by her recruiting so many volunteers. The group of volunteers worked together to make a delicious meal, beautiful individual flower arrangements (by LA) and some fun (and vintage-inspired) decorations. It was one of the most fun and well-spent afternoons I've seen in a long time... watching the look of excitement and glee as the women entered the dining room and saw the beautifully planned party in their honor was a special moment!

07 February 2011

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. 

05 February 2011

and people say

that I don't exercise! I would beg to differ.

[thanks for the proof Empire Health]

04 February 2011


I don't know about everyone else, but this week really wore me out. I'm snuggled up in my apt, away from the cold air and frigid wind, and I plan to stay here...er, until the morning anyway. I've got a fun weekend ahead with birthday celebrations, party planning and more. I better rest up so I can get through it all.

Happy Friday y'all!

oldie but goodie

Last night I was looking through some old New York City pics, and came across this beautiful Anthropologie window display from July 2007. It amazes me how they are always equally beautiful. every.single.time.


This sheep looks like it has the right idea to me, no?

good morning, &

03 February 2011

meatloaf smeatloaf double-beatloaf, i hate meatloaf

Not this meatloaf, though. A few weeks ago Brendan and I went to dinner at a new spot called Eatery - new to me, not to him. It was my third week at my new job and I wanted to relax with some good home-cookin', comfort food after work (...that I hadn't cooked myself). I voted for one spot, Brendan voted for another, and we ended up here.

Then I saw this menu item:

White Cheddar Meatloaf: with Beer Battered Onion Rings, Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes and White Cheddar Fondue 

I've never been much of a fan of meatloaf, but the waiter convinced me that it was the best thing on the menu, so I gave it a shot. He also said that it had recently been ranked in the Top 10 comfort foods in New York City last fall. Even better. (He must have overheard my conversation with Brendan telling him that I wanted "comfort food") So I tried it... and I haven't looked back since!

*warning: this may cause heart attacks*

for even the gloomiest of thursdays

because what's more adorable than a baby snow angel?!

[thanks suziebeezie]