18 March 2014

bonjour, from the paris airport ladies room

Somewhere in the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport today I was washing my hands in the ladies room while waiting for my connecting flight, and as I glanced in the mirror, I could've sworn that a tall, scary woman was lurking behind me as I was trying to freshen up a little. Turns out it was just an art installation. But, hey, you never know. And being stuck in an airport terminal all day will certainly do crazy things to your brain. That's for darn sure.

bon voyage

Is it appropriate to wish yourself a nice trip?

I'm not sure, but I just did it. Mostly because I wanted to sound like I knew a tiny bit of french. And also because I'm running pretty low on sleep and didn't know what else to entitle this post. And finally, because I actually am wishing & hoping for myself a nice trip. In case you're wondering what this is all about, I have a pretty big 14 days ahead of me. For the first time ever, I'll be darkening the door of Europe, if you know what I mean. But you'll have to wait and see exactly where in Europe I'll be because I think it's more fun that way.

But I'll tell you this much. I'm typing this from a terminal in the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport on a layover to my first destination and the teenagers here are just as rowdy and obnoxious as I've seen anywhere else. Although, one of them happens to be wearing a Boston Bruins beanie, so perhaps they belong to us afterall and have no bearing on teenagers elsewhere. Anywho. We'll see how my first impressions pan out.

I plan to post more pictures from my travels to twitter and instagram if that's of interest to you.

Bonne journée!

11 March 2014

hi fives & hugs

I couldn't get enough hugs from this little guy yesterday. I barely let him out of my grip for five seconds (but he let me know he didn't care for that so much) as we made our final Central Park playground jaunt together.

He hopped on a plane bright and early this morning and said goodbye to New York City as he'll be making his new home in the City of Angels. (You may have seen that his sister left on Saturday.)

It was almost as if Luke knew what was happening yesterday. He kept waving and saying goodbye the whole time, and then...right as I was about to step on the elevator, I got this awesome high five followed by a hug. What a special last memory.

My little buddy Luke, I'll see ya later! Very soon, I hope.

07 March 2014

a friday goodbye

I love Fridays.

But this Friday I'm feeling extra nostalgic and a tiny bit sad as this little girl spends her last day in New York City. She's off to an exciting, new adventure tomorrow as she says goodbye to the Big Apple and moves to warmer temps and sunnier days with her mom, dad, and little brother.

New York is full of goodbyes. I'd like to say I've gotten used to them by now, but not really. You don't really ever get used to parting with people you love time and time again. And while this city has a lot of splendor and glory to offer, its transience isn't one of them.

06 March 2014

footie pajamas

28 years old and I'm still wearing footie pajamas.

But this winter—in my opinion—totally calls for it. It's a week into March and we're just barely breaking 30 degree highs each day. This has been a winter for the books. I love history, but not so much this kind. Spring, I'm anxiously, verrrrry anxiously, awaiting you.

03 March 2014

no, it definitely wasn't spring

Last weekend I began to let myself wonder if spring was just around the corner.

But I quickly snapped back to reality today as I commuted to work in frigid temps and dropped my rent check in this snowy mailbox. No, spring is not just around the corner. Not even close.

02 March 2014

sunday manicures

"Let's interlock hands to take a picture of our nails!"

And then my heart melted.