30 July 2010

i love owls from overseas

For my 21st birthday my junior year, my sweet roommates Katie and Amy gave me the most beautiful owl that they found while studying abroad in Italy the previous summer. It survived several dorm-room-moves, a move to New York, then a move to a second New York apartment where it now sits on my desk to serve as a reminder of my love for owls (duh!) and my greatly missed college roomies.

Now I have a second ethnic owl to add to my collection! My friend Maggie returned from her world travels on Monday and we spent Wednesday afternoon hanging out to catch up on her travels, my travels, and everything else in between since it had been over a month since we'd seen each other. And what a surprise: she brought me this adorable owl from Japan that is now sitting next to my Italian owl. Thanks Maggie, I love it!!

28 July 2010

view from the top

Last weekend, while in New Hampshire, Brendan and I went hiking on a small mountain in southern New Hampshire, Pack Monadnock. It was perfect weather: mid 80's with a constant breeze, sunny and beautiful views. We conquered the feat with only one snake sighting, so I'd call it a success! Brendan was very gracious in letting me stop as often as I wanted to take pictures, but I chose to forego the option of capturing the snake on film and just screamed as loudly and shrilly as possible instead.

24 July 2010

headed north

I'm sitting on the train, headed to New Hampshire, trying to decide if I want to sleep or read Harry Potter 7. It's a tough life...

Happy weekend!

15 July 2010

happy anniversary mom & dad

Happy Anniversary celebrating 38 YEARS today!!! (wow, that's a lonnng time!) Wish I was there to celebrate too.

food, fireworks, and (f)ilharmonic

Tuesday and Wednesday night the NY Philharmonic gave their annual free concert in Central Park. Since this is my fourth summer in New York and I had (regretfully) never been before, I took advantage and went both nights. I can now join in with the hype and hoopla and agree: it is fabulous! Both nights were tainted by the dread of rain and thunderstorms, but both made it successfully without even a raindrop, just a little damp park grass from previous daytime showers. Then, to end the night, fireworks! Philharmonic in the Park is not something you should miss if you ever have the opportunity to go.

at the Philharmonic! (I didn't get the memo to be overly, unnaturally excited about the Philharmonic. Brendan did!)

14 July 2010

i'd love to be sitting in:

THIS! These chairs are so beautiful and multi-colored and make me think that they would make any mood happier while working in them...

[Found here, via Design*Sponge]

they love america!

Yes, they do!

[The performance I mentioned below.]

fourth with the fam

As per the normal routine with this blog lately, I'm waaay behind. But the pictures from the 4th of July in Alabama were just too cute not to share, even late. On Saturday July 3rd we celebrated: we cooked out, rode 4-wheelers (or, some of us did), ate, spent time together, watched performances and napped (or, at least I did). Then on Sunday night we shot some beautiful fireworks, mostly sparklers since Monica got nearly 144 of them for free...

Monica's delicious & patriotic cake

Note to self: Be VERY careful holding a 2-year-old when he has a sparkler in his hand...

09 July 2010

this is for Tate

Today is Chick Fil A's "Cow Appreciation Day" and as a special promo they were giving out free chicken sandwiches in various locations in New York. After much deliberation, I braved the heat, followed the cows, and landed a nice (and FREE) lunch...

Let me assure you, it was madness. New Yorkers love Chick Fil A. Shortly before 11 AM, I heard screaming and yelling outside and looked out my window to find this: a bus full of Chick Fil A cows.

Then when I made it to the spot where they were passing out sandwiches at noon, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have my very own picture taken with the cow. Being the 24-year-old "adult" that I sometimes think I am, I hesitated and decided that I didn't really need a picture with the cow. But then I thought of the disappointment on Tate's face if I had opted out and the pure glee and elation he would have when he looked at this picture. Obviously, I chose the latter!

08 July 2010

a week at the beach

It's been almost two weeks since I got back from Florida, but better late than never with the pictures, I suppose. The water was beautiful! Actually, it was more beautiful and pleasant than it's been in probably the last three years. We had a fantastic time!!!

All the kiddos.
The annual jumping pic! We actually had more than one successful shot this time.

Abbey's getting better, but she still has her moments where the thought of "Aunt Perryn" is too dreadful to bear.

Until we meet again, white sandy beaches and beautiful ocean waves, I will miss you.

06 July 2010

05 July 2010


It's never easy...

But, at least, I'm back in the Apple, even after a long day of traveling with delayed flights, sitting on runways, running through the airport to catch a connecting flight and a 100+ degree apartment to greet me upon my return. Whether I like it or not, I'm back.

04 July 2010

happy fourth of july!

I hope yours was as good as mine! It's my last day in the South, so I'm packing my bags and headed back to the big city (somewhat begrudgingly...). I shot "fiewuks" with Mayce, McKay, and Tate today and feasted on delicious grilled food yesterday for the 4th, so at least my tenure is ending happily with nice memories of a wonderful holiday spent with my parents, grandparents and oldest brother's family. Thanks to all our veterans who keep us free!

02 July 2010


this quote is so fitting, where is this year going?!

How did it get so late so soon? It's night before it's afternoon. December is here before it's June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?
-Dr. Seuss

01 July 2010

little fish

As I'm trying to sift through 700+ pictures from my time at home, and more specifically the family beach trip, and decide which ones will make it to the blog, I thought you might enjoy this video of the littlest Pettus showing off his "simming" skills!

And although, he pretends not to know who I am, if you listen very closely you will hear him say "Pewyn" after he turns around...