27 November 2012

yes, that's a deer wearing a cowboy hat.

And yes, I think Brendan is as scared as he looks. Welcome to Boligee, my friend: the place of many childhood memories and fun times. And the home to the bustling population of 369 people.

We took Brendan to see my dad's hunting camphouse after my birthday dinner in Livingston, AL. He might have been in shock, I can't tell for sure. I know one thing: he was excited about the "carpet" in the camphouse being the astroturf straight from Bryant Denny Stadium, home of the Crimson Tide. I think that secured him a bed there next time he visits. 

23 November 2012

tis the season

Peace on earth, goodwill to men? Or, bahh humbug!

[I love these cards!]

22 November 2012

hi, from alabama!

A full and happy heart from all the festivities of today. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

last year on Thanksgiving:

It was my birthday. And that morning, I did a turkey trot hike up Table Mountain. I went to the beach in the afternoon. And that evening, I attended a Thanksgiving day braai. All in Africa.

Not your traditional Thanksgiving, but one I'll never forget!

Glad to be celebrating stateside this year. But, such wonderful memories thinking back on last year.

to you and yours.

Thankful to be home with my family in Alabama today. And to have my health. And to have such a wonderful community of friends and "NY family." And for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. And for my mom's dressing and green bean casserole.

May you remember all your blessings today and thank the One from whom all blessings flow.

19 November 2012

today on the park forum:

I guest posted over on The Park Forum today and wrote a prayer focusing on thankfulness in light of Luke 3. If you're interested, you can find the post here: 

18 November 2012

remembering cape town

One year ago, today, I landed in South Africa after an 18 hour flight across the oceans. I was tired and having my first experience with jetlag, but boy was there an amazing week waiting ahead of me. It's a week I will never ever forget, and quite frankly I have trouble holding back the tears when I think on that week for too long in one sitting. If I get sappy over here, don't mind me.

I'm thankful for all of the memories and stories and friends I still hold dear after an entire year has passed in this place. What a beautiful picture. What beautiful hearts of such a precious team.

Last year I blogged all about my trip here: Big Apple Pear: Cape Town

16 November 2012

hello there, mr. cunningham

Last weekend, Pamela, Katherine, LeeAnne and I met in the park for our annual Central Park "photo shoot." I have more pictures from that to share later, but I wanted to share these pictures first.

As background, my friends turned this year's shoot into a pre-birthday surprise for me and they brought balloons, confetti and gifted me with this wonderful rainbow umbrella. Turns out, these things made amazing props for our little photo-taking jaunt in the park.

So amazing, in fact, that Bill Cunningham even snapped a few pics of us. Mr. Cunningham is a fashion & lifestyle photographer for the NYTimes and is known for always wearing his blue jacket and khaki pants and riding through the city on his bike to snap photos. A few years ago, the documentary "Bill Cunningham New York" came out telling about his life and work. (I've yet to see it, but it's now on my Netflix queue.) If you look closely in all of these pictures you can see him snapping away - and smiling! - in the bottom right corner, standing on the bridge. How adorable!

We're all crossing our fingers for a brief cameo in his Sunday video or photography piece...

13 November 2012


Being in the neighborhood of an enormous art supply store - Dick Blick - last week definitely warranted a drop-in. It took me back to my design school glory days seeing aisle after aisle of beautifully arranged art supplies. I wandered around looking at the beautiful colors for almost half an hour because, unfortunately during design school, I never had much time to leisurely enjoy an art store. I usually only ventured in to grab supplies when my project was due in 24 hours...or less.

election day, this year

This year on Election Day I did something a little different than I did 4 years ago. (Thank goodness.) I threw my own party. It was mostly surprise birthday party with a touch of Election party to boot.

Everything was red, white, and blue. And my shirt gave a pretty solid plug for voters to get out and vote. But the main attraction was really the birthday boy. Brendan's birthday fell on election day this year and I thought it made perfect sense to celebrate both milestones at once. With the birthday party part being a big surprise. It worked out pretty well, and we had a fun time feasting together.

And, I must say, it was much better than being in Rockefeller Center. Remarkable, actually.

09 November 2012

election day, 4 years ago

I've now lived in New York for two presidential elections which is almost unfathomable. (It seems like I moved here just last year!) For the presidential election four years ago - when I was just a New York City newbie - I actually spent Election Night at Democracy Plaza in Rockefeller Center.

And, that, my friends, was a mistake I didn't make again this year. Although, my friend Kline and I were able to have our picture made with the lovely elephant below, there's not much that would convince me to go back to that place on Election Night...ever again. Right, LeeAnne?!

I did have some pretty fun Election Night plans this year, though. Details: coming up.

05 November 2012

the city and the storm

The most commonly used word to describe this week's cover of NYMag


I can agree with that. It's an unbelievable shot of the two worlds New York became last week.

04 November 2012

eat down. tip up.

Last week when Hurricane Sandy hit New York, much of the upper part of Manhattan walked away completely unscathed. Downtown was a different story. Hundreds of thousands of people lost power for nearly a week including tons of local restaurants and small businesses.

Because NYers really come together in times of crisis, a campaign was started to help those local businesses and restaurants get back on their feet. It's inspring: Eat Down. Tip Up. You're encouraged to eat downtown at these small restaurants and leave a double tip, take a photo of it and submit it to this blog where they're cataloging all of the people joining in this campaign and what restaurants they're helping. What a great way to support our neighbors in lower Manhattan. It has my vote.

[I took this photo from the Eat Down. Tip Up tumblr. I haven't joined in yet, but I will.]