31 January 2011

an Idol to support?

If you're into American Idol this season or ever have been, you should check out former Auburn student Paul McDonald who made it through J.Lo, Steven Tyler and Randy-dawg last week with flying colors. His sister and I were in the same sorority, and we had the privilege of having Paul (who was quite the local celebrity on campus during my term at Auburn, for obvious reasons) play at some of our charity events. He is the lead singer for a group called The Grand Magnolias (formerly Hightide Blues) and is now making his way in Hollywood!

He's got my vote! But, apparently, he's not lacking in support...

27 January 2011

poignant thoughts

My sister-in-law said it much more astutely than I ever could, but she took the thoughts right out of my brain. Snow is pretty but winter is no fun. And it is colllllld in the Northeast, especially this winter! I can't stop laughing at these texts I got from her yesterday.

12 January 2011

my completely perfect dream house

If you don't believe me, you don't know me very well.


[found here.]

headed to the city of brotherly love

But, only for a few days. I'm excited too see what Philly is like in the snow... because New York is dirty and slushy and collllld!

06 January 2011

a little late

...but I'm still wishing this for you just the same!

[found here. thanks Kat!]

02 January 2011

christmas in alabama

The pictures speak for themselves...the 9 days at home were a blast!!

First time the WHOLE crew has been home all together (and in one picture) in a very, very long time!

01 January 2011

new years resolution #1

As I mentioned last year, I don't necessarily like making big resolutions for the year to come. Therefore, this year's resolution is small: maintain voicemails, text messages and emails, consistently, at a "0" on my phone...because right now I have voicemails that I haven't listened to dating back to July 30, 2009 (yes, 2009, that wasn't a typo) and unread text messages dating back to October 9, 2009. I think it's time to get this under control.

I know Rose Lynn will especially appreciate this resolution, right?