28 February 2009

all dogs go to heaven?

This is for Brendan and Pamela, from the Post Secret website with this week's secrets:

a sure sign of spring!

The first Mister Softee was spotted last night by LeeAnne...SPRING IS COMING!!!

(this picture is kinda hard to see the Mr. Softee truck, but I took this the first summer I lived in New York because the Softee truck was actually being pulled over the a police officer! I'm not sure what could be bad enough to pull over a Mr. Softee truck, but LeeAnne and I thought it was hilarious!)

what's wrong with this picture?

My sister emailed this pic to me yesterday that she recently found. Can anyone tells what's not quite right about this picture?!! I couldn't stop laughing when I opened this attachment at my desk yesterday.

worth dying for

The title of this blog is the name of a chapter in the book I'm currently reading that my friend Maggie recommended and let me borrow. It's called "Sex God" by Rob Bell, and this chapter is one of the best chapters I've ever (ever) read on truly loving someone and serving them with agape love, what that really looks like and, practically speaking, how to live that out the way God calls us to (in the best way we are capable).

As Rob Bell put it, agape is a particular kind of love. So many times love and relationships are looking for what a person can get out of it or how it can benefit them or fulfill a need of some kind. Agape is, in fact, exactly the opposite of this. Agape gives. Agape is love, period. It doesn't need a reason.

I don't know exactly how I feel about all of Rob Bell's theology. I haven't done enough research to know exactly where he stands on certain issues (so I'm not endorsing that), but I do know he has a wonderfully simplistic way of understanding and relaying the message of God's love and how we should be applying that to our lives and in turn channeling that out towards those around us. God didn't give up on us when we continued to hurt and betray Him. Instead, He continued loving us. Over and over and over again. And He still does, despite the fact that we never entirely give Him our full hearts. And as difficult as this is to live out, this is how we should be loving those around us. There aren't many things more painful in this world than loving someone who 1. rejects you or 2. loves you, but isn't willing to give their ENTIRE heart to you because they don't trust it will be worth it. This is what God feels every single day with every single human being. This covers both Christians and non-believers.

The title of this chapter ties into the explanation of agape love because if we realize the value of those around us (because all were created by God) and the intensity in which we should be loving all people - family, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, coworkers, enemies, etc. - we will come to the realization that people are "worth dying for". (ps -if you click here, you can read the ENTIRE chapter online!) An example Bell gives in this chapter is the firefighters and police officers who went into the Twin Towers after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Seeing the memorials and momentos for all of those who died going into the towers to rescue people is inevitably going to create an emotional response, which is directly related to the inherent nature and belief we know to be true - people are worth dying for. Which is why the firefighters and police officers didn't think twice about going in to save lives.

Now, although the head knowledge may be there, applying this to the heart can be more difficult. This is how I want to live. This is the goal. Love people. Love ALL people. Even when they don't love you back or say they do but don't show it. God didn't give up on us that easily, why should we? If we are called to live a life that glorifies God and reflects Christ in us, what could be more glorifying than loving people in the exact same way He does? As discouraging as it might be in the midst, you will reap the benefits of doing good. And eventually, loving someone as God loves us will reap wonderful benefits, if we are as persistent with those around us as God was with us.

I like the way Bell put it. Do we have liquid agape running through our veins? I want to.

27 February 2009

I want this!!!

From my latest visit to Parrots & Pups:

running of the brides in Union Square

it's that time again... wedding dresses marked down from $10,000 to as low as $250. now that's a steal!

26 February 2009

kittens, inspired by kittens

Thanks Ashley!!!

my next craft undertaking

LeeAnne and I were talking last night and I remembered this ribbon I bought back in the fall for Lesterfest, that I ended up not being able to go to. So now, I still have this fab ribbon to do something with! LA and I were brainstorming ideas and I'm thinking of adding it to a plain white tee somewhere... maybe around the hem at the bottom? or around the hem at the sleeves? I've already got the whole outfit planned out - white tee with this ribbon, brown puffer vest, jeans and converse sneakers. I love it!

25 February 2009


This post of LA's reminds me of my very memorable (I'll NEVER forget her) interior design professor at Auburn: Peek. She told us on the first day of class our sophomore year that if we EVER used the font papyrus on any project for her, she would fail us! And I never doubted it for a second.


I saw this on the Today Show this morning, Kat, and I just kept hoping your face was going to pop up and Meredith was going to interview you and the rest of the quads... no such luck.

my next birthday cake

Hurry up November so I can have one of these! This is pretty much all of my life's aspirations and passions summed up into one single cupcake...

way to go, Joe

They never failed to miss a Bush-ism... so why isn't there more satire and ridicule from the media swarming around THIS story ???

24 February 2009

tennis racquet noodles

Mom, I keep seeing these noodles in the grocery store everytime Brendan and I make "pasta and meat sauce" (also more commonly known as, spaghetti) and I keep asking Brendan if we can get these noodles because it reminds me of you and your love (-love... get it?) for tennis! He hasn't conceded yet... so I had to settle for taking a picture of them on the shelf to show you! Maybe when you come we can all have tennis racquet spaghetti?!

It looks like Chi O formal was a blast (as they always were). thanks Anna for helping me to feel like I was there! I love this pic of two of my fave Chi O's together, Ash and Anna.

23 February 2009

a blurb of the weekend

In short, this past weekend was great! As you might have read on one of my previous posts, I was very productive and rose with the sun (not quite, but it makes the story better, right?). I did a little pre-spring spring cleaning to my apartment, including cleaning the base boards in my tiny room which definitely is no fun task, but the payoff is great. Then I did some grocery shopping (actually, a lot of grocery shopping) and cooked dinner for Brendan and me before our dessert date with the Pettus's later Saturday night. Then we met up with Buck and Christine who came into the city for a few hours after dinner to hang out and catch up, since I haven't seen them since New Year's. It was a lot of fun and a refreshing time to be able to spend time hanging out with some fam! Here are a few pics from the weekend:

I'm still exploring my new-found culinary skills, but thanks to my own personal Martha Stewart married friend Caylen, I had an awesome chicken recipe to try out! Thanks for the recipe, Cay!

aren't these flowers pretty?!

Buck's DELICIOUS looking hot chocolate at Cafe Lalo. (Cafe Lalo is a cute little restaurant cafe where a scene from "You've Got Mail" was filmed. It was pretty adorable...and had about 5 million dessert choices! I couldn't even decide what I wanted for myself (surprised?) so Brendan decided for me and we split some scrumptious cake)

B & C's desserts - brownie chunk cheesecake!

Mine and Brendan's "chocolate bomb"... not as bomb-ish as we were expecting, to be quite honest, but it was still very tasty!

tree hugger

I can't express the excitement of my latest investment. No, I haven't turned into a liberal tree-hugging activist since I moved to New York, but if you read closely you'll understand why I love this shirt. Although it may seem ironic, my blood runs orange and blue no matter where I spent 18 years of my life...war eagle!

a new leaf

Yes, I'm turning over a new leaf. For those of you who know me well, you could probably attest to a few truths about my personality: first, I tend to get on strong kicks at different times (#1 with a Dr. Pepper at Chick Fil A, Mountain Dew, cleaning, running [yes, this actually was a kick one time], balancing my checkbook, etc.) Secondly, when on these "kicks", I am pretty persistent and determined with carrying them out. (then, usually sometime in the midst of these kicks, I have some epiphanic moment where I realize some great and wonderful (and usually very simple) truth that I should have known all along but suddenly see in a totally clear light... which only makes the kick stronger for the time being. Anyway, my mom could probably verify all of this as a very accurate description of me?) and finally, the last point to be confirmed as truth is sleeping is not very high on my priority list. I don't get much because I like to stay up late. (really late. Night owl is probably an understatement.)

So here's how I've turned over a new leaf:

This weekend, I made an attempt (and was pretty successful) at going to bed early and getting up early. Friday night it was a little before 10 when I hit the sack...and was up to start the day at 7:30 am. I am primarily trying to enact this lifestyle to increase productivity during the work-week. I tried again for today, and once again struck gold! Last night I went to bed around 11 and got up a mere 15 minutes earlier this morning than normal (except, today it was with ease - as easy as getting up for me will ever be at least). Not only did I have time to eat breakfast at my apartment, I did it leisurely while checking blogs and responding to emails and facebook messages. and THEN, I made up my bed... and still made it to work by 8:50. Wow, that Ben Franklin sure knew what he was talking about when he said "early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." I'm still waiting on the wealthy part, but for now, I'll take the healthy!

ps - for those of you who are bored out of your mind right now by this blog post, this was primarily posted for my mom. I know she'd be proud...aren't ya, Mom?!

21 February 2009

más visitantes

more visitors! in just a few weeks for their spring break, Rose Lynn and Court are coming to the Big Apple! I cannnnnnnnot wait!!! This New Yorker will be one happy camper to see those two sweet faces.

my 200th post!

20 February 2009

in honor (and memory) of:

yes, I'll probably get a lot of flack from some people for this post... but after g-chatting with Ash and Anna today, I realized that I miss Chi O and formals.

so, in honor of Chi O's "Yipee Chi O" tonight and formal tomorrow night and in memory of some very fun times from my college years, here ya go - my last two Chi O formals:

give me spring or give me death!

One month until SPRING is officially here! It is still in question as to whether it will actually feel like spring or not in one month, but I'll take whatever I can get.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons I can't wait for spring to get here:

1. No more scarves, mittens, heavy coats... EVERYWHERE you go.
2. I'll care about getting a pedicure again.
3. Sundresses!
4. It'll be light outside when I leave work.
5. I can eat lunch in the park again instead of at my desk...AND at Shake Shack.
6. I won't have to take the subway for a 6 (or less) block commute anymore.
7. Baseball season will be in full force!
8. I will have at least a little more chance at being tan. Still not likely, but possible.
9. Mister Softee will return.
10. My mom is coming to visit!!!

I'll take it!

A house for $100 in Mesa, AZ

Cay, I told you I was serious about moving there...

19 February 2009

this is bad

"You know, I can hear your accent when you write an email."

This is an email I got today from a coworker in response to a particular inquiry I had regarding the project I'm on.


18 February 2009

one extremely cool color wheel

with one click of the mouse, you can see the greatest description of a "Perryn website" you've ever seen. If this doesn't epitomize my love (obsession, infatuation, attraction, compulsion, fascination, etc) of color, I don't know what does.

I could look at this website... alllllllll day long.

17 February 2009

take me back to 1986

If anyone is looking to buy me a present anytime soon, here is the way straight to my heart:

Spin art!

or, a Squiggle pen!

16 February 2009

first time for everything...

even if it darn near kills you! This weekend Brendan and I hopped in a rental car and headed north to NH for the holiday. In the weekend plans was a ski trip to Gunstock Mountain in which Brendan and his dad so graciously invited me to come along for my first snow skiing experience. It started off with a two-hour lesson with 13 other adult first-time skiers. This all went pretty well - no major falls and all bones still intact. After my lesson was over I met up with Mr. Sullivan and Brendan to try the challenge of a green course. However, as we were already halfway down the mountain (or technically "hill"), we realized that the green course was roped off and the only way down was the more difficult blue course. The rest of the way down was (as Brendan likes to call it) "falling every 10 feet". What Brendan didn't know was that I was simply trying to execute the advice of my instructor, "If you don't fall a lot, you aren't trying hard." So, I think Brendan or his dad would vouch for me... I was trying HARD.

Brendan teaching me how to stop (probably the most valuable skill of the day)

Beautiful view from the top!

See the slope behind me?! That's what I "almost" conquered...
The day was a blast though, and I'm so glad I tried it out! Cay, I may be making a visit out to see you and we can work our way down the blue slopes together!!

the marathon-ers

Congrats to both Mon - for finishing 40th out of 557 in the Women's 5K on Saturday! and to Mayce for completing her marathon!! Woo hoo!

(I stole this pic from Mon's blog - check it out for full details!)

13 February 2009

good luck mayce!

My 7-year-old niece Mayce is running in the Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa tomorrow! Just doesn't seem right, does it? But, I'm so proud of her and want to wish her the best of luck!!! And, I wish I could be there to see her!

I guess I should be a little more specific about what is really happening because if your reaction is anything like mine, you are probably pretty astounded right now. No, Mayce is not going to be running 26.2 miles tomorrow all at once. Over the past several months she has run one mile at a time, and then tomorrow she will run the last mile of the "marathon"! Sounds like a pretty cool thing for kids to do if you ask me. And her sister McKay is all for it too. She told me how excited she was this morning - they get to stay in a hotel... WITH an indoor swimming pool!

blast from the past

I was searching google today to try and find fun road trip games (long story as to WHY I was doing this) and I found these little treasures on Amazon! Please tell me SOMEONE else had these growing up too?! Because the 4 Pettus kids sure did. And what an interesting game it was with a 15 year old, a 14 year old, an 11 year old and a 5 year old playing the same game while on our family road trips. Actually, the more I think about it, I remember playing these in the car more by myself than anything (which isn't surprising)... but I LOVED them!

We had it all - the grey/silver Astro van, a wide array of bingo cards, and 6 Pettus's gathered together in a car destined to any number of various locations with 4 of those Pettus's fighting over who got the front seat. Oh, how I miss those days! Don't you Mom?

12 February 2009

This is what makes work worth it!

As much as I complain about being bored and creatively suppressed at work, it's 10:43 in the morning as I type this, and THIS is what I'm eating at my desk right now. The picture doesn't do it justice, but this is (by far) the brightest, most neon pink cupcake I have EVER seen...all made possible by the gracious reps who come to visit biweekly! Thank you for contributing to my unprecedented breakfast eating habits of eagerly indulging in such ridiculous sustenance as my morning nourishment.
I passed a coworker on the way back to my desk and she said "for breakfast?!" as I excitedly showed her my cupcake... upon which I replied, "YES Maja! Isn't it great!!!"
Cay, do the reps in AZ bring this kind of stuff?!
I saw this pic this morning on the Today Show. Isn't this the saddest/cutest thing you've ever seen? This koala was rescued from the recent wildfires in Australia.

10 February 2009

grey, grey, or green?

Today I suddenly got a HUGE itchin' to do some major revamping to my room. Literally in the middle of work, I ran to the library to look at some different color paint swatches for ideas of what color I should paint my room. Then I started envisioning how to spruce up the walls with art and photos (this is always a bad sign when I get to this point. There's usually no turning back once I get the "vision") So tonight I did some (very) rough photoshopping for the three color options I've narrowed it down to thus far: light grey, dark grey, or pear green.

Thoughts and opinions are gladly welcomed, especially if you have any interest in design!

i had a dream

I was in the subway station. I think it was the 1 at Christopher Street going downtown. And I look up and Angelina Jolie is waiting to get on the train where I am. She's holding one of her kids... but I'm not sure which. Then suddenly the doors start to shut on her and someone in the train puts their hand out to hold the subway door open for her. She quickly looks at them, very graciously, and thanks them. Then she proceeds to tell them that even though this is New York, because of their help, she will allow them to take a picture with her. Then the next thing I know, I am looking through a digital camera viewfinder and snapping pics of Angie, kid, and random subway stranger.

I love when dreams are this vivid.

fried chicken and waffles?

A few weekends ago we went to brunch at this place called Back Forty for LeeAnne's birthday. The first thing I noticed on the menu was an odd combination - fried chicken and waffles. I asked the waitor about it... and what exactly it was. He tried to pull a fast one on me. His answer: "Oh, it's a very popular southern dish, and is exactly what it says - fried chicken. and waffles. on a plate together." Little did he know, I'm from the south and happen to have a very close relationship with fried chicken, so I quickly informed him that in the heart of dixie we don't have, nor have ever heard of such a thing! Being the true southerner that I am, I had to try it out. And the verdict... I'm not the biggest fan!

the things you try to get away with in college

A very good friend of mine (that wishes to remain unnamed) who is currently a graduate teaching assistant while finishing up his masters of accountancy (at a school that shall remain unnamed as well) shared this email with me today that he received from one of his students regarding a make-up quiz:

"all weekend i didnt feel weel so i went to the doctor yester day and he told me i had a sore throat, thus justifing the pains in my, i guess id say upper to most upper parts of the body. I was wondering if there is another time when i could take the quiz.
Thanks for time and sorry aout this inconvience."


This is my oldest brother, Brent's, idea of improvisation. He was busy and needed to keep the kids corralled into one area while he pruned the shrubs. Genius!

(by the way, in case you work for DHR, this is a joke!)

09 February 2009

mr. fashionista

No explanation needed here for this picture. (Hopefully my awkward and hesitant look will explain itself!)

And yes, I wet my pants from laughing so hard tonight trying to tell someone about this outfit. True story.

the way I see it #76

The irony of commitment is that it's deeply liberating - in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from the fear that likes to dress itself up and parade around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.

--Anne Morriss [Starbucks customer from New York City. She describes herself as an "organization builder, restless American citizen, optimist."]

oh, the little joys in life that are out there if you look for them. This quote was on my coffee from Starbucks this morning. It sounds like a great rationalization for commitment to me.

valentine's craft-a-palooza

This weekend LA hosted the 2nd annual Valentine's Craft-a-Palooza celebration! It was loads of fun!! Here are some of our creations:
some of LA's previously made cards
My creations!
A card I made for Brendan (he LOVED it, by the way... haha)
The work in progress. We basically crossed stitched different designs and letters into the paper. Very cool looking!
A birthday card for Pamela from LA

Sadly, I ended up only coming out with two cards made. But, it did rejuvenate my love of crafting and (kinda) made me miss all my art and craft projects in school. Hopefully I'll get some inspiration soon to get back into my old creative habits.

08 February 2009

thanks LA for showing me this AMAZING commercial! I could watch this over and over. It is a television ad for Sony Bravia tvs, I believe. And no computer-generated images were used here. Watch 0:35 carefully - by far the best part!!!

06 February 2009

blue mountain dew is baaaack

This summer when I interned at Perkins Eastman, Belinda (the other library intern) and I would frequent the small New York deli, Food Depot, across the street from PE on a very regular basis for breakfast. Often that included a new flavor of Mountain Dew called "Mountain Dew Voltage". I LOVED this stuff. Belinda liked it ok I think, but I was obsessed. (Is anyone surprised?) So, when I started full time at PE in September, on mine and Belinda's first day as "full-time employees" we went across the street to get breakfast before our orientation. And, they DIDN'T have blue Mountain Dew anymore. I was pretty upset, but then realized it was Mountain Dew we were talking about here.

Then a few days ago, I was in the Food Depot buying lunch and trying to decide what kind of caffeine filled, high-sugar drink I wanted... when I spotted it - blue Mountain Dew is back!!!

The first thing I did when I got back to the office was email Belinda and tell her the joyous news. And I must admit, I had a bit of a nostalgic moment in the Food Depot drink section when I saw it. It reminded me of the days of old and the greatness that they were - summer (hence warmer weather), no "real" responsibilities, and a good economy. Although none of these seem to be coming again anytime soon, at least the blue Mountain Dew is back!

(ps - if you're wondering why I'm drinking Mountain Dew (of any color) for breakfast, here's why: when you go to bed at 2 am because you're watching Elizabeth Smart on Oprah, sometimes you just need a little boost.)

05 February 2009

i'm not a morning person...

...but who could be in a bad mood when they woke up to this picture in their email inbox?!

I miss these girls.

04 February 2009

from across the pond

Brendan is in Switzerland this week on a business trip, and he emailed me saying how beautiful it was there. I asked him to send me a picture so I could see what it looked like. This is the picture I got:

Just kidding... this isn't the only picture he sent. He did send me a few others too of the outdoors and mountains, but this was my favorite because it is SO typical Brendan!

more proof of birthday extravaganza

Everyone else in this picture that has a blog (LeeAnne, Pamela, & Carrie) posted this pic on theirs, so I decided to follow suit. This was just the post-fellowship group beginning to the birthday bashes that were to be had over the weekend.

03 February 2009

Union Square potato peeler

This post won't have much significance unless you live in New York or have ever spent much time around Union Square. It is, indeed, a very sad day for New Yorkers. Union Square just won't be the same from now on...

The potato/carrot peeler seller died on Sunday. NY Times said: "Joe Ades got people’s attention at the Union Square Greenmarket: the British man with expensive suits and a radio announcer’s voice — the man selling the $5 peeler."

The Times also quoted: “He was very excited about carrots,” And I can attest to that. He was.

Click here to read the whole article.

am I really an adult?

I ask this because this morning, as I was running out the door and simultaneously trying to straighten my hair, I looked down and noticed that my shirt that I was wearing (that I had just pulled out of the dirty clothes hamper) needed to be ironed - majorly. So, I did the most logical thing, of course. I ironed the part that was sticking out of my sweater (only that part) with my Chi straightener that I had in my hand. I recall that my mom didn't do everything the conventional way growing up, but I don't remember ever seeing her iron my dad's clothes with a hair straightener. Is this normal?

I took a quick photo sitting at my desk. Not too shabby... right?

for mom's viewing pleasure

now you can watch it anytime you want!

02 February 2009

a rainbow car, finally

All of my growing up life (before I turned 16) I begged and begged my mom for a "rainbow van". It was my dreeeeeam car. (Yes, I had a slight obsession with rainbows) Well, look here. I finally found one, Mom... actually, not a van, but a rainbow car. I always knew New York had everything!

buhbye word a day

Yep, I'm ending my Word A Day subscription. In the email with today's word, this intro was included:

You'd think 150 years is ample time for people to understand evolution, but some still claim it's only a "theory". Perhaps they still believe that the earth is flat and the sun goes around the earth.

My guess is they don't want people who don't believe this "theory" subscribing to their words anyway... ok. Done.

daba girl

I haven't looked into this website very much yet (it was just sent to me by my dear friend LeeAnne), but it just seems hilarious (and too fitting, even though Brendan insisted when I told him about it that he isn't a "banker" anymore, he just has the lifestyle of a banker). I thought I'd share it, but like I said (as a disclaimer) I haven't read everything on this website yet except for the heading block, so it could be terrible. I don't think it will be, but just a warning...

Dating A Banker Anonymous

happy super bowl

Tonight I went to a Super Bowl party at Brendan's apt that he and his roommate (also Brendan) hosted. I like football (ok, love football) but for some reason am not ever SUPER pumped about the Super Bowl. Maybe because it isn't college, and maybe because it isn't the SEC... who knows. But, the party tonight was a blast. There were pigs in a blanket (my personal fave), puppy chow (a pretty close second) and a Bacon Explosion with biscuits (which was pretty incredible).

I was pretty disappointed with the outcome of the game, but it was such a close/good game that you can't complain TOO much, I guess... unless you're one of Kurt Warner's seven kids who isn't getting a puppy now.

01 February 2009

birthday girls

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LeeAnne (yesterday) and Pamela (tomorrow)!!!

Cake balls and trick candles after fellowship group. What better way to start the birthday celebrations?!