29 March 2011

out of the mouth of children

I got this text from my oldest brother this morning:

"I went in and woke McKay up this morn. before I left, she said "Love you, and try not to get fired at work today."

Oh, McKay...you filled my day with many laughs!

28 March 2011

little patient

Now, that is one cute little man patient if I've ever seen one! And it looks to me like he may even be a bigger kid at the dentist than his Aunt Perryn...no tears.

26 March 2011

what I did this Friday night:

I became a godmother to this adorable little puppy! I accompanied my friend, Megan, to pick up this little cutie!! Meg was still a tiny bit hesitant on whether she should get a dog or not...and she wanted someone to go with her to take a look at the puppy. (And, of course, I'm always one for going to look at puppies.) Once we got there, who could have turned down this little face? We knew immediately he was a keeper. Luckily, this little guy's sister had a potential new owner or I might have snagged one for myself too...but for now, I'll settle on being the best puppy godmother ever!

24 March 2011

baby lap giraffes

I can't get enough of these!!!

I signed the wait list for one of these adorable animals today, but unfortunately there were 34,000+ ahead of me in line. So, for now, I'll just keep looking at my baby lap giraffe online in his (or her) natural habitat: here

22 March 2011

my march madness picks

For the first time in my life, I decided to submit a bracket for the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament.  My company was doing a free pool and encouraged those of us to play who knew less-than-nothing about college basketball, so I gave it a shot. However, I think my bracket is also shot. Maybe the first night? But then I found my true bracket-calling when I saw this on LeeAnne's tweet today! This is the kind of bracket that is right up my alley. What do you think? Do I have a winner?

[via Garden & Gun]

21 March 2011

mr. & mrs. barranco

The Barranco's wedding was absolutely beautiful! I can't imagine anything more perfect or fitting for Andy and Jenny than the wedding they had. It was such a lovely ceremony surrounded by family and friends who love them... and I mean, absolutely adore them! As I mentioned before, I've known Andy since the beginning and he is pretty special. However, I don't know him as well as I know Jenny but I know he must be one pretty incredible fellow if he got to marry Jenny! I'm so glad I was able to be a part of their special weekend. 

The rehearsal dinner was at a fabulous (and new?) restaurant in Auburn called Zazu. It was a neat, eclectic restaurant right in downtown. Jenny, Rachel, Rose and I had a few tears when we saw each other at the rehearsal dinner because none of us could remember the last time we had all been together in one place. It was a sweet reunion. 

After the rehearsal dinner, Rose and I made a stop to see Anna Curl and Mary Love Bear. Anna was packing for her spring break trip to Chicago, so me, Rose and Mary Love Bear did a lot of catching up too. MLB was pretty excited about accompanying AC on her trip to the Windy City!

Saturday Rose Lynn and I had a lazy morning around campus. We walked around (I hardly recognized some areas of campus because it has changed SO much just in the 3 short years I've been gone!), got coffee and hung out on Samford Lawn. We tried for lunch at Big Blue Bagel, but... alas, they were out of bagels. I wasn't too disappointed with our second option, Bizilias.

Rose and I had a sad moment when we realized it might be our last time to see Toomer's Corner! It was a sad sight. It had a big "KEEP OUT" sign posted on the barricade around it. In my opinion, those two phrases should never, ever go together, and I can't believe that it might be gone soon...

The wedding was a blast! Beside the fact that Rose Lynn and I (accidentally) dressed like twins, the wedding was a huge success. It was beautiful and perfect for Jenny.

And, she had the best idea I've ever seen: there were Momma Goldberg's Nachos at the reception!

Lots of Chi O's made it to the wedding. I was a little rusty on my Chi Omega songs during our farewell to Jen, but they came back fairly quickly.

Thanks Jenny and Andy for including us in your wonderful weekend!! It was worth every mile traveled.

15 March 2011

my brain

I like to think my brain looks something like this: 

Being a lefty and all...

[found here.] 

14 March 2011

four friends, reunited

The weekend was even better than I could have imagined! It was so fun and exciting to be back in Auburn, catch up with old friends, and watch Jenny walk down the aisle. Here is a quick picture from the weekend at the rehearsal dinner...with many more to come!

for maggie

Maggie, I hope you see this!

[via pinterest, here]

11 March 2011

happy birthday to you!

The one thing I didn't mention (since it was a surprise for GG!) in my last post about the wedding this weekend is that I was planning in a small pitstop in Tuscaloosa for the day on Friday to celebrate GGMaw's 85th birthday. Happy happy birthday GGMaw!!! I'm so glad I got to enjoy lunch with you and your special day!

10 March 2011

a four friends wedding

This is a picture of four friends. We four friends went to Auburn together. We were all Chi O's together. Jenny, Rose Lynn, me and Rachel. And now, one of the four friends is about to have a new last name. I'm southbound tomorrow for Jenny's big day on Saturday. I can't believe it's finally here! I remember sitting in Mollie Hollifield in Spring of 2007 in Jenny & Rachel's dorm room trying to help Jenny think up a clever way of asking Andy to our Chi O formal (because Chi O's always seemed to ask their dates in a fun, creative way...). She ended up dropping off a huge care package for him at RBD library one night while he was studying, the basket was full of candy and clues to what she was inviting him. And...now they're getting hitched! My, how time flies when you're having fun. I'm so excited to celebrate these two on their special day!

08 March 2011

what a great way to wrap a gift

Next time I have any scraps of yarn, I'm going to make the most of it! This is so beautiful...and LA, for both of our sakes, I hope your birthday is the one that falls when I'm looking to use up some yarn.

[Thanks for sending this link, Carrie!}