20 December 2009

2010, already?

Tonight I was searching through Etsy for a cute 2010 calendar. I found a few viable options, but nothing that jumped out as impossible to live without. Any good suggestions? Or comments on which is your fave? Here are a few that did catch my attention:

16 December 2009

Merry Christmas from Perkins Eastman!

Yesterday morning, all the employees in my office met at the Perkins Eastman designed & award-winning TKTS booth in Times Square to commemorate the holiday season! It's like 'Where's Waldo'...can you find me? (I strategically positioned myself behind a very important person...) Check out the Perkins Eastman website for an animated version of the office Christmas card!

15 December 2009

a partridge in a chair tree

I get about ten Christmas card emails a day from different vendors in the design world. This one from HBF, so far, is my favorite. Hands down.

breathing again

Upon completing my timesheet for the end of the pay period today, I discovered (what I expected anyway...) that I've worked almost 30 hours of overtime in the last 2 weeks. For most people in New York, that's probably standard but not for me, especially after the enormous downturn in the last year for such a luxury market as architecture & design. But because of those 30 overtime hours and other holiday events, my blog has gotten the shaft and hasn't seen a post in quite some time. I'm breathing again, now, and hope to get back to it because there are a ton of things I meant to post about, but unfortunately they all fell by the wayside in the last month or two.

Remember when I posted about the really fun project that I was starting? Well, I know it all too well now. Here are few images we presented to our client (unfortunately, I didn't do these renderings, but I did do the design for these spaces!) Photo courtesy of Perkins Eastman. I love when deadlines are over.

And on an even happier note, in one week from now I will be in warmer temperatures and greener pastures. The countdown has begun for the long-awaited trip home for the holidays and it can't come soon enough! Only 3 more days now...

10 December 2009

do you Twitter?

I do. But my tweets are not making the world a better place or saving lives. Read this post on 843 acres about how one man is making a difference through his social media sites by raising awareness of homelessness in our country.

01 December 2009

a few new posts on 843 acres!

Yesterday and today I had new posts on 843 acres:

Check them out to see what's been going on in New York in the news and in the daily grind. Also, if you enjoy 843 acres as much as I do, you should definitely keep up with the newsblog during the month of December for the Advent Readings 2009.

Here's a quick description from Bethany about the next month's daily devotionals:

For the month of December, Morning Walk will be taking a sabbatical from its daily urban devotions keyed to the M’Cheyne reading plan (you can still follow the M’Cheyne readings here). Instead, we’ll be reflecting on the promise of the Messiah as fulfilled in the coming of Jesus Christ. Each day, we’ll look at one Old Testament prophecy and its corresponding New Testament fulfillment.

The Old Testament was written over a period of a thousand years. It contains 300 references to the coming of the Messiah. Based on statistical probabilities, the chances that 48 of these prophecies would be fulfilled in one person is 10 to the 157th degree (that is, 1 followed by 157 zeros). Jesus Christ fulfilled all of these prophecies, which is – of course - miraculous since these prophecies were made at least 400 years before he appeared.

gold bows all around

My gold bow made it on a friend's design blog! She also has a link to a super cute Kate Spade gold bow ring that you should definitely check out!