30 April 2012

20 April 2012


I'm heading down south tonight to spend the weekend with my family and go to a friend's wedding in Birmingham tomorrow. I'm so excited for some R&R and warm weather. Have a great weekend!

17 April 2012

sneak peek

There isn't much to see yet, but here's a small preview of my new room!

13 April 2012


I cannot believe this little girl is turning FIVE today. It seems like just yesterday I was hopping on a plane to Louisville on Thursday afternoon after my last class for the week to be in Kentucky when my sister was induced on Friday. (That same trip, my mom and I left Kentucky around 4am so that I could be back in time for my 11am class on Monday morning!?) This was one of my first times holding Abbey, and she was giving me the same look then that she gives me now...

Happy birthday Abbey!!!

12 April 2012

smooth move

That rhymes. Kinda? I digress. I've completely deserted this blog here and I'm sorry for that. But you should know that my move went very smoothly and I am so grateful for all of the help I had that made that happen. I am still settling into my new routine and new abode and haven't quite had time to do it all. But I thought I would get you excited with pictures of this cute helper I had during my move! What a trooper: carting around my hairdryer, scale, pink bag, fur blanket - all in a granny cart. My room is coming together nicely, but not nice enough to have pictures yet. Soon, though.

You can also see a quick preview and glance of my room here at my new roomie Bethany's blog.

09 April 2012

i think i'm going to like it here.

This magazine clipping is hung on my new fridge. I think I'm going to like it here! Although I do enjoy cooking, I feel like I'm in good company. More later on the new apartment and move!