25 November 2007

wow. I am way behind! It's now gloriously down to 179 days. And War Eagle!!!

22 November 2007

Why I'm Thankful

182 days until my hopeful return to NYC. And, happy Thanksgiving! This is my favorite holiday, and I'm very thankful for New York City.

Here are 10 reasons why I'm thankful to move back to New York:

1. I won't drink as much sweet tea, therefore I won't be as addicted to caffiene.

2. I won't have to spend $3+ per gallon of gas.

3. Redeemer.

4. I can eat Toasties chopped salads for lunch everyday if I want to.

5. Webster dinners.

6. Overheard subway conversations.

7. I can watch the balloons get blown up in Times Square for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

8. Spotlight Live.

9. I'll get to listen to my iPod a lot more.

10. I'll have the BEST friends in the entire world!!!
183. Or actually I guess now it is 182...

19 November 2007

Well, I guess I missed a few days. But we're now down to 185. And that's great.

And as for my earlier post about being able to eat at Serendipity any time I want to when I move back to NYC...well, I am now forced to retract that comment. No matter if they reopen or not, my feelings about a live mouse, mouse droppings, 100 live roaches, etc., etc. will undoubtedly change how I feel about what was such a spectacular restaurant with even more spectacular fro ho cho.

If there's any doubt, read this:

There's no telling what we were sucking up through that straw, Katherine.

15 November 2007

14 November 2007

13 November 2007

I'm counting down today more than ever. I am praying that I will even make it 191 days, without giving up on everything. Only 191. I can do it!
191 days.

12 November 2007

I almost forgot to post today -- but it's down to 192 days until I can eat this ANY time I want to...

Rice to Riches


and Crumbs! (thanks, by the way, LeeAnne, for the cupcake!)

11 November 2007

After the weekend

Sorry I missed a few days. I went to Athens for the weekend and didn't have a chance to be at my computer.

We are now at 193 days! Yippee.

07 November 2007

The true countdown begins

197 days.

I would be more specific, but since I don't have a flight yet, I can't determine the hours, minutes, and seconds. That will come, though...don't worry.

Thanks LeeAnne!

This blog is going to be used primarily as a countdown until I am back in the grand promiseland of New York City. (Thanks to LA for giving me the idea!)

In the meantime, I've got to find a device to help me calculate exactly how many days are left here in the south and how many days I have left until I return to the Big Apple--for good. (Hopefully!!)