12 August 2011

a poem for new york

‘Tis a downturn in markets and all through New York
Wall Street is silent, champagne plugged with a cork.
The Jitney is empty, the hatches battened down
For no one knows what’s coming, we’re all wearing frowns.

And as we get nestled, all snug in our beds
Visions of history dance in our heads.
For all of us wonder, “Could this be our fate
That things could get worse than two thousand and eight?”

Yet there are more visions, more histories to know
Than bad situations and awful bad blows.
Thousands of years before we were here
God made a promise to David that removes empty fear.

He promised to make his throne last for all time
Sustain him, protect him and establish his line.
Doing good to him always, forgetting him not
Loving him forever, as a perfect Father ought.

And though David died, God’s promise lived on
To one of his heirs – a one and only Son.
For Jesus Himself was the king long-awaited
Who suffered and died and then rose unabated.

But what’s this got to do with the markets today?
We’re not in Jerusalem; we’ve got bills to pay!
Is His love still great? Does His promise still stand?
Can He still be faithful when the S & P’s bland?

In Christ, we inherit David’s promise from God
Of love and protection – even though we are flawed.
And His love is certain, His faithfulness sure
Through trials and troubles and trades without cure.

So with a loud voice, we will sing of His love
For it is established in the heavens above.
And He will not move even though we may doubt
Cause His promise to David will always win out.

[written by Bethany at The Park Forum in light of the recent economic meltdown and in reference to Psalm 89.]


  1. I love this! :) Thanks for posting! (Also, was walking north on the west side of Broadway the other day and passed the Papyrus in the 70s. It's display made me think of you, so you should swing by!)

  2. Thanks for the great poem--I'm thankful that Our God is in charge of our lives no matter what--see you soon--I love you GG