11 July 2012


During my weekend trip to Vermont a couple weekends ago, B made a quick stop at his college alma mater, Middlebury, to show me around. I'm excited to get my pictures together to show the true beauty of the campus, but for now: check out this waterfall. Right beside campus. I'm an Auburn girl thru-and-thru (and made only a few number of comparisons between the two while I was at Middlebury), but that waterfall is beautiful. And this picture doesn't do it justice. Not at all.


  1. great picture ofyou two!!! oh and the waterfall is beautiful--hope ya'll had fun--Love you GG

  2. B said that it reminded him of Auburn's campus, too! I am so jealous that he is eating in that cafeteria everyday and that Br ate in it for 4 years!