19 July 2011

washington dc

I recently spent 3 days in our beautiful nation's capital, as I mentioned earlier. Katherine and I went down to visit a couple of friends (and I went to, er, sight-see for the 5th time). We stayed with a friend of Katherine's from college and she hosted us with such wonderful hospitality! We ate brunch at a fantastic place called Founding Farmers, which I particularly enjoyed because of all the southern fare. Then we toured around, went to the Holocaust Museum (which I highly recommend while going in with the expectation that it will be a tremendously heavy experience), ate dinner at a great burger spot (Good Stuff Eatery) and went 'monument hopping' Saturday night. Sunday we made the most of our short time before we caught the bus and went to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, which was soooo great!

I was a little sad to board the bus back to NYC, but alas vacations can't last forever. Since I took almost 200 pictures in the short weekend, I'll spare you and only add my faves here.

Fried green tomatoes and chicken & waffles. Can you go wrong?

Julie at her summer job: the Treasury Department!

True tourists: the Capitol at night!

I heart Alabama!

Good Stuff Eatery: 5 different flavors of mayonnaise to try. (And beautiful in rainbow order!)

Honest Abe, still the same from the last time I saw him...

Hello landmarks of DC!

3rd longest escalator...in the world? Yes.

God Bless America!

I should have won scrabble on this word alone!

There she is. And everywhere we turned: The Washington Monument!

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  1. My sweetie in DC with her buddies and the Washington Momument again :) love you a ton GG