03 January 2013

a look at 12

I often find the New Year to be a bit overwhelming as I look ahead to a whole new year. (For some reason the thought of making it all the way to December again feels like such a daunting task.) However, I do always love taking the time to look back, remember and celebrate the passing year. It reminds me to be even more thankful for my health, safety, friends, family and quite simply the blessing of plain ol' good times and fun memories. What a great way to take my mind off being *overwhelmed* and set it on being encouraged, thankful and glad. I'll take Option 2.

I tried finding one picture to represent a good time or fun memory from each month of the past year. If you know me then you know finding only one picture per month wasn't an option. This little collage definitely doesn't even scratch the surface on my year, but it's a fun glance (there are at least 20 others I wanted to include). 2012 was definitely the busiest, craziest, fullest year yet. I'm taking a big breath right now and hoping at least January of 2013 will be a good deal calmer and slower (plus that would help in my efforts to only select 1 photo per month next year...). I hope this glimpse will help you remember all you're thankful for in the past year! It sure helped me.

A glimpse of 2012