29 March 2012

the joys of moving

And by joys, I mean pains. Oh, the things we do for moving! I've done my fair share of moving in my days (a few times growing up, to college, every summer out of the dorm, into an apartment in college, and twice in NYC...and I know that doesn't even compare to most people!) and I am here to tell you: it is no fun. The moving part is such a hassle, not to mention packing up every single thing you own into a box. But the end result: SO worth it. And, would I do it again? Absolutely.

Sunday morning before pre-move #1 on Monday morning.

I think this is progress...

Monday morning. (it grew.)

Thanks for this idea, Pamcakes!

Someone asked me on Sunday how the packing was going and if I had hired 'Man with a Van' to do my moving. Yes and no. There was a man (ahem, thanks againnn Brendan!!!). And there was a van...

I like to take "progress" pictures like this so that I can see how much I've done and remind myself how much more I have to do. (And, new roommates were so, so generous to let me store half of my unsightly stuff in the living room for the week.) Unfortunately, these pictures aren't very pretty, but hopefully the good ones will be on their way soon enough... 

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  1. hope you and Mom have lots of help moving and hope you get settled real soon--I love you GG