18 February 2012

day eighteen: table mountain

I like to think of myself as a hiker. Intermediate, if I was forced to choose. (In reality, that may be a stretch.) But, no doubt, I can hold my own going up a mountain... as long as the mountain isn't too difficult. But in this case, I ate (only) a huge slice of triple chocolate mousse cake for breakfast (yes, breakfast. but don't judge...it was my birthday! post on that coming later) before starting the hike, plus something about an altitude difference, lots of wind and mildly strenuous rock climbing and this birthday girl wasn't too sure about what she had signed up for with this Table Mountain hike (aka, Turkey Hike in honor of our Thanksgiving Day). There were a few times I wondered if I was going to live to see 26 years + 1 day. Nah, I'm mostly kidding... but kinda serious. However, I kept plugging and chugging and when I made it to the top, I knew why I had pushed forward: I unknowingly was surging ahead to the most beautiful views my eyes had ever beheld. See for yourself.

(fyi, this is what Table Mountain looks like: click here. It's literally flat on top, like a huge table.)

a sign posted at the top of the mountain

a dassie

is that beauty or what?!

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  1. i'm enjoying the pictures on your blog--I don't know if you are getting my comments as the newwords to type in are HARD to read==love you GG