17 February 2012

day seventeen: camera pics

On my camera alone, I came back with 1,065+ pictures. 

We all shared pictures, and from the most I can tell, here is a count of *some* of the others' photos:

Bethany: 600+, Liz: 275 ish, Kara: 390+, and Adriana: who even knows, but a lot!

From just the four people I listed, that's over 2,300 pictures! I'm lucky my computer hasn't totally crashed yet, and here's to hoping that it won't. Nevertheless, we had a great time snapping pics of the breathtaking scenery and landscape (and people!) we saw while we were there. We also had a fun time taking lots of pictures of us taking pictures (?). It seems odd, yet I like to think it's 'artsy'. As I looked through the thousands of photos when I returned, I couldn't believe how many we had of our team members just posing with a camera! I love it.

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  1. Ha love this post!! Actually I love all your posts. Makes me want to go back