02 September 2011

cafe grumpy

On Wednesday night, my friend Addie and I met (for the first time!) at a local coffee shop: Cafe Grumpy. She had been there once before and recommended it, so I tried it out. It was so cute: in an adorable, quiet part of Chelsea, there was enough room inside to actually walk around and sit comfortably (sounds simple, but often that is a luxury at coffee shops in NYC), and they made this beautiful design in my cappuccino. They also had an incredibly high-tech system for paying which I found to be amazing. It was a tiny credit card slider on an iPad where they swiped my card, and then I "signed a receipt" with my finger on the screen, entered my phone number and they texted my receipt to me! If you're in the area, you should give it a try!

1 comment:

  1. oooh i love that--the only place that i have ever been checked out like that is at the mac store. it is very cool.