07 September 2011


I finished The Help! It took me long enough, but I'm finally done and I'm going to see the movie. Since I don't watch much tv, I hadn't even see the trailer preview, and once I started the book I didn't let myself watch it until I was done (mostly because I wanted to keep the characters as they were in my mind's eye until I was done and didn't want to be influenced by the actresses who played them in the movie). I watched the trailer for the first time now and I'm even more excited to see the movie on Sunday!!!


  1. i read it last week and can't wait to see the movie!!! i think minny is my fave :)

  2. wow. I really am a slow reader... Cay, you started way after me and finished way before!

    I like Minny too, but Aibee might be my fave :)